Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jakarta,s Restaurant Part two........

Ranch Market
Actually it's a daily market which sell fresh vegetables, meat and daily needs, but they also providing a ready to eat meal. Located at Margaguna street next to Pondok Indah Mall.
We can choose any kind of meat and ask them to cook it for us. My boyfriend choose Wagyu and i choose Australian rib eye.......first thing that i found is it's really hard to find a table to seat........and then after that they take a loooooooooong time to serve the food. Usually i eat at Ranch Market at Oakwood building in Mega Kuningan, and i didn't find this problem at that branch.

Abuba Steak
It's a huge steak restaurant which placed at Cipete area next to Pangeran Antasari, the menus are Sirloin, tenderloin, sausage, fillet, etc. They started from a small steak restaurant, and then they became famous and getting bigger. The price are really cheap, ranged from Rp 35.000,- until Rp 60.000,- but i don't like the ambience, and the service are poor, we wait too long to served. And for me, the taste are just so so.

Tomodachi cafe
Located at Bellagio Boutique Mall at Mega Kuningan, it's my favorite place to lunch, not because they are special but just because my office are only 2 floor above them.
They served european food like steak, my favorite is Tomodachi beef steak with mash pottato, and Indonesian food like oxtail soup, Balinese Ayam betutu, or biterballen as side dish and various kind of cakes as a dessert, my favorite is Strawberry cheese cakes. The price for main menu are ranged from 27.000 - 65.000.

Golden Jade
Also located at Bellagio Boutique mall, Ground floor, it's a Chinese restaurant. Nothing special in this restaurant, just like any other Chinese restaurant, serving dimsum, porridge, noodles.......

Was known as "TRATTORIA", it's an Italian fine dining located at Menara Karya Building in HR Rasuna Said street South Jakarta........i was ordered meatloaf, the taste are really really good......maybe it's the best for me, with olive and mashed potato, hemmmm can't forget the taste. Actually i'm really tempting to try the cesar salad, but too bad i was forget to tell the chef to don't put a bacon on it since i'm a moslem. So i order and not eat that salad.
They also serve various bread and chips, and it's all in the house for bread and chips. But just like any other fine dining, it's quite expensive (at least for me....:-), for 4 persons we paid Rp 1.200.000,- man it's a lot of money for me...........

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jakarta's Restaurant

Since i have a relationship with a man who really love to eat, now i have a new activity........visiting many restaurants. Let's make a list where i've eat with him and like it..........
But don't make it as a refference because i have an eating disorder.

American Grill..........
This restaurant also known as Sizzler, their main menu is steak, they serve appetizer and desert for free, i think the ice cream are nice.
we choose Menteng Branch.......located near to Keris Department store, i choose a tenderloin steak........i think it's not as tasty as i remember, i've been here about a year ago.

Duck King.........
Located at Pondok Indah Mall, they serve chinesse food........we order Duck, Lazy Fish (Ikan Malas) and prawn.......but i don't like duck, and the fish.......uuuugh i don't like it too because it's looks so wet, fortunately i order the prawn, because for me the prawn is the best. My boyfriend said the duck and the fish is soooooo's the best in town

Located at Blok's a Japanesse all you can eat restaurant, they serve shabu-shabu, tepanyaki, chicken triyaki, and so on. Every tables have their own grill and boiler. Everyone can take their own meat and grill by your self.

Sushi Tei
Located at Pondok Indah Mall, it's a raw food Japanese restaurant, they also serve food at a carousel, so if you don't like to wait you can take your food by your self. They serve Sushi and sashimi like Dragon Roll, Ikura Gunkan, etc. Since i don't like sushi, for me, there's nothing special with this restaurant.

Ikan Bakar Kalimantan
We go to this restaurant to celebrate my boyfriend friend birthday, it's located at outskirt area, Cimanggis Depok, near Cibubur. It's a restaurant which serve freshwater fish like Gurame, shrimp, calamary, etc. They also serve lalapan ( a fresh raw vegetable, serve with sambal - Indonesian traditional sauce) and Karedok (fresh raw vegetables with peanut sauce)'s Sundanese traditional food. This restaurant are so over crowd, actually the food are so tastefull, but if we considered the distance form the down town, i have no idea why people come that far for this restaurant.

Kepiting Asap
Located at Jalan Panjang Green Ville West Jakarta, they serve smoked king crab. We can choose the crab by our selves. There are two kind of crab, it's a male and female (i don't know the appropiate term) the male have more muscle, and the female have an eggs inside. Side dish are Kangkung Cha, Fried tofu, Oxtail Soup, etc, they also serve fresh coconut as a beverages. The crabs are so fresh and yummy, i like this restaurant.

To be continued...............

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Hp 520

At Indocomptech 2008 which held at Senayan Sport Hall, I was bought a HP 520, since my kost house were facilitated with an internet conection, i have a new habit........Browsing everyday!!!!!!!!

First thing to do when i get into my bedroom is connecting my laptop to the internet and go...........

My favorite site is Facebook (i think i got addicted to this one.......) Kaskus (an Indonesian forum), Detik (a news site), Yahoo Messenger and off course..........BLOGGING!!!!!

But now my sleep time was reduced, and then i feel so sleepy at the office........hem i think i have to beware of this.

But i don't know why i'm so addicted with the internet, although i do browsing at the office too, so i think i do surfing on the internet for almost 20 hours a day.........Oooops

Actually i really interest to monetize my blog, but i don't know why until now i don't event get even one penny from blogging hiks............

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A new era has begin

Sony PlayStation 3 can played Sony Playstation 2 games and former PlayStation.

Former PlayStation using CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R dan DVD+R disk as a standard medium although this PS3 using Blue Ray to read the disk

The distinctive of this Playstation 3 is the bluetooh joystick which can played with another 7 joystick together. So we don't need any cable anymore, more practical and user friendly.

This joystick also ble to use at all times 24 hours without charging, beside this blue tooth, also available WI-FI, Ethernet Gigabit adaptor, 6 USB 2.0 outputs totalnya, 2 at the front side panel and 4 in the back side, HDMI outputs (for big screen "full digital"), some AV output and S/PDIF optical output for audio-video amplifier.

With multi prosesor which made by IBM Power pc 3,2 GHz speed, the main memory is 256 MB XDR, for the graphic visualitation they choosed NVidia Geforce 6800. Not only play a games, we can also surf the web too, so enjoy it!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Due to the global crisis, many company look so of my boyfriend client company do the same thing, they are a real estate company who develop an integrated city at Jakarta outskirt, now they had a plan to that's so horrible, because as i know they are a big company with a great cash flow.

My company client also panic, they are an international bank, they do retrenchment at every division, it's effected to their requirement to my company, since my company is the outsource company for their facility management, they starting asking about why it's cost this high? why it's need to repair? how much a good cost for repair this and bla bla bla, Although they are the most healthy bank in Indonesia i guess, because i heard they had do acquisition many national bank in Indonesia. So i think they don't have to that panic.

In my opinion, the circumstance will getting worse when more company get panic. I heard Indonesian government applied a new rule in foreign exchange trading, i think it's a good step to help Rupiah rate, and eventually it will help real sector. But well i'm not an economist, so actually i'm not really understand about it.

At last, this situation make me feel so scared, actually i have a plan to search for a new job before, but when i see the earlier situation in Indonesia and global economic which is so unpredictable, better i consider it again. Sigh!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carita Beach

Have been 4 years living in Jakarta, it's the first time for me to visit Carita Beach. Last Saturday i went there with my boyfriend and his friends.

Carita beach is located at Banten province, near Anyer beach. About 200 km from Jakarta west-bound.

We start at 4 PM from my friend house, since we are seven persons so we wont fit in my car or my friends car either, so we borrow my friend dad's car which is a SUV. We stop at a gasoline station and in a mini market to buy snacks. But we couldn't find a beer so we decide to buy it at Anyer.

About next 3 hours, we arrived at Banten down town, we decide to stop by to have a dinner. we choose 'Pawon Desa', it's a Sundanesse restaurant, and managed by 'Bumbu Desa' restaurant, one of a famous restaurant in Jakarta. Actually the food are not really special, just like any other Sundanesse restaurant, but the price is quite cheap, for six person we just spent Rp 160.000,-.

Then we continue the journey, for a tourist destination, i think Banten not provide a comport acces, the street are dark and broken..........
at Anyer we keep looking for a beer, i don't understand why when we really mean to look for something, it's suddenly disappear, it's hard to find a beer......fortunately, in the front of a karaoke club we found it at a simple shop, same like any other retail shop without any sign.

It takes one hours from Anyer to Carita, at 10 PM we arrive at Kondominium Lippo Carita, where we will stay tonight. It's a 4 level clustered condominium, every level have a condominium with 3 or 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and a terrace viewing to the beach. We get a condo at second level.

We spent that night playing a 21 cards with a small bet, actually only for fun, because at the end of the game we turn the money back.

Early in the morning, my friend and i looking something for breakfast, we found it at Wira Carita restaurant, actually there's a lot of food huckster selling something like Nasi Uduk, Nasi goreng, or lontong, but my boyfriend don't like it. So we ride our car to Wira restaurant which is a lot expensive for me, because we spent Rp 200.000 only for breakfast.

After take a breakfast me and my friend went to the beach, we rent a body board, it's Rp 10.000,- per session, you can play as long as you want. The rule of this game is ride the surf......i think it's look like a simple surfing, i can do this game perfectly, i jump to the wave and ride it through the beach, maybe because i'm so's really fun, but my boyfriend can't do this at all, he looks like an anchor jump straight to the bottom.

Then we riding a banana boat, actually from the first i feel so scared but i'm tempted to try so i'm insist, we onlysix because my boyfriend don't want to join , he only take a picture from the speed boat. First we ride the speed boat to the middle, then we move to the banana boat, then the speedboat pulling the banana boat. it's began in a slow speed, but the they accelerate the speed, and at some point the speed boat suddenly turn over so we trowed to the side, Wooow we all jump to the's shocking but it's fun.

At 4 Pm, we go back to Jakarta, hem such a fun weekend.........i love it.

Foto taken from pantaicarita.blogspot

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homey Treats

It's a cute blog with pink lay out ..............and when i explore it,
it's contents are about home interior, like furnishing, Christmas accessories, bedroom, bathroom, etc......quite interesting.

One of my favorite design is.....this one

By the way.....are you guys believe in feng shui?

I do believe, here i'll give you a tips about coloring your bed according to feng shui :

If you are a famous person, maybe you will tempted to painting your room with red to increase your popularity, instead of popular you can't sleep well, why? because Red is included to Yang and sleep are Yin, you better placed a red dolls or red cushion and paint your bedroom with a soft color.

another way in choosing color for a bed room is choosing colors which can increase element quality of your birth. As we know feng shui grouping the element of human birth into some sections like, water, wood, fire, land, and metal. Someone who have a water as a dominant element will feel comfort to choose blue as a color for her bedroom, but the side effect of that color will make she less dynamics. She can add something to balancing her dominant element like add green as a wood, pink for fire, something like that.

Choosing a color for kids bedroom become more complicated, because we have to remember that a bed room for kids are not only for sleep but also as a play ground, choose a pale color will not developed their creativity.

HomeY Treats

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The anger management

I was known as a 'never angry girl'

But the truth is, i always restrain the anger. Deep down in my heart i feel angry........but i just can't express my anger.

But yesterday was different, i finally let my anger out, i'm yelling to my colleague at my office. I currently working as an estimator engineer, which my task is reviewing projects collected by Project Coordinators, i do re-calculate the price and the specification of a project properly. Since i was working in a facility management for a bank, the projects is always a minor project but plenty. And i have to reviewing projects for all over Indonesia. Actually it's not a difficult job but takes time, And yesterday one of my Project Coordinator push me to concern about her project, and currently i have a lot of task to do.......but she keep pushing it and pushing and pushing until i finally blowing top...

I started yelling and tell her that i always do my best, i am working as fast and as propper as i can. And surprisingly ........... after i let my anger it's really feel good, something that i always restrain is good to release...........sigh.......

And what i found is, my colaegue get more appreciated me now ha ha ha..... it's good.


My cousins was stay at my home for 3 days, and for that time i know how it's feels when you have a roommate.

And surprisingly, for me it's not a good feeling.............i don't like it. When i go home, i just want to have a time to be alone, to do something that i love, anything i like. And frankly it's not about my cousin, it's all about me.

I don't understand why now my psychological has changes, now i like to be alone, something that i hate before. I don't know why now i enjoy my loneliness, i totally don't understand why.

Then i thinking about how if one day i get married? will i have a same feeling.......? I hope not....because one day i have to marry someone, and then i have to share my time......I can't be alone anymore.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another car crash

Yesterday was my bad day ........

I woke up and feel sooooooo bad, i call my boyfriend he still sleep, but i have to go Gambir railway station to pick up my cousin.

I don't know why i so hard to find that Gambir railway Station although i already in Monas Area, and i know that Gambir is next to Monas. But i think i am really bad in mapping.......i take almost 1 hours go arround Monas area until almost frustrated. Thank God i finally found it.

After picked up my cousin and drop her at my sister house, i mean to go back to my home. When i started my car engine, i didn't notice that there's a 80 cm height wall in front of my car, i just trod on the accelerator and Brakkk!!!! my car crash on that wall......Woa i think i losing my mind.

I check the car and i see my car body was damaged and the steer is bent, hiks.........

When i take my car to the car shed, the mechanic said that the shock absorber and the axle was bent and have to replace....hem it's need a lot of money, so to counter this i just spooring and balancing the wheel as an emergency action. Now i can drive my car again with a slow speed.