Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gourmet Garage Fresh First

Last night i go for a late supper to Gourmet Garage Fresh First, it's a fresh market integrated with restaurant. Located at Kemang Raya street No 66 South Jakarta.

It's building has 2 floor, first floor is fresh market which sell any raw food that really fresh and complete, they use so many timber in detail, starting at the main gate, the timber are look so old, look like come from the past 100 years ago. First time coming in, we will find a rack which sell magazine and greeting card and then a rack with many unique household. Then you'll find sooooo many raw food in the next rack, like crab, prawn, tuna, meats, pork etc.

The second floor is Oyster Bar and other resaurant, my boyfriend order a fresh raw oyster here it's named Snow creek, for me it's so gross. I order Veal bratwurst hot dog, hemmmmmmm so nice, the sausage so tastefully, and the bread are so different, crunchy and tastefull.

My boy friend order Rottiserie chicken and chicken quasadillas as an appetizer, This rottiserie is actually an Chicken Barbeque with olive oil. My friend order spagheti carbonara, Unagi Yanagawa Nabe, Gohan and new york steak sandwich.

I just know that Gohan is rice, ha ha. And we also order Robert Mondavi's an American wine, i love this one.

And for all of these, we pay for Rp 910.000,- nett ....... a lot of money yea? yea yea yea

But i feel satisfied.......