Thursday, December 25, 2008



I finally paid by blogsvertise........i already get job from blogsvertise twice, it's from Grab Bag Task (GBT) and after 1 month awaiting, they really's $ 7,5 ha ha, only a little bit money but it's hillarious because i finally believe that we really can get money from blogging.

Actually it's not the first time for me to earn money from the internet, i ever try in Paid to Click program, but it's takes a loooooooong time, takes about 4 months to get $ 5,5.....such a long time hah?

I just don't understand why i've heard so many people can get a lot of money from the internet, i don't know how, because from my experience, i didn't get a lot of task from Blogsvertise, or Smorty......

Friday, December 5, 2008

Dental Plans

This is the first time i've heard about Dental Plans , here in Indonesia i think it's something brand new.....(i guess) or maybe only for me. But for sure i never heard before, whereas i f there's a company like this in Indonesia, maybe i'll be the first customer :-)

Why? because that's a lot of benefit on it, imagine.......if we join the program, let say DentalPlans101
we'll get some benefits like mentioned below :

  • Savings of 10% to 60% on most dental procedures
  • Choose from 100,000+ participating dentists in more than 30 combined regional and national dental networks
  • Immediate online enrollment and quick plan activation
  • Easy-to-use search tools and plan comparison charts
  • Qualified Customer Service Representatives to assist you
  • No unnecessary paperwork hassles
  • Discounts on dental specialties available with most plans
  • No health restrictions
I went to the dentist a couple months ago to set an orthodontic braces, and i have to pay about $ 1000.......think if i got a 60 % discount wow!!! it's a lot of money!

And another benefit is there will be a customer service reprentatives who will assist us to get a profesional service, hemmmmm sound so great right?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jakarta,s Restaurant Part two........

Ranch Market
Actually it's a daily market which sell fresh vegetables, meat and daily needs, but they also providing a ready to eat meal. Located at Margaguna street next to Pondok Indah Mall.
We can choose any kind of meat and ask them to cook it for us. My boyfriend choose Wagyu and i choose Australian rib eye.......first thing that i found is it's really hard to find a table to seat........and then after that they take a loooooooooong time to serve the food. Usually i eat at Ranch Market at Oakwood building in Mega Kuningan, and i didn't find this problem at that branch.

Abuba Steak
It's a huge steak restaurant which placed at Cipete area next to Pangeran Antasari, the menus are Sirloin, tenderloin, sausage, fillet, etc. They started from a small steak restaurant, and then they became famous and getting bigger. The price are really cheap, ranged from Rp 35.000,- until Rp 60.000,- but i don't like the ambience, and the service are poor, we wait too long to served. And for me, the taste are just so so.

Tomodachi cafe
Located at Bellagio Boutique Mall at Mega Kuningan, it's my favorite place to lunch, not because they are special but just because my office are only 2 floor above them.
They served european food like steak, my favorite is Tomodachi beef steak with mash pottato, and Indonesian food like oxtail soup, Balinese Ayam betutu, or biterballen as side dish and various kind of cakes as a dessert, my favorite is Strawberry cheese cakes. The price for main menu are ranged from 27.000 - 65.000.

Golden Jade
Also located at Bellagio Boutique mall, Ground floor, it's a Chinese restaurant. Nothing special in this restaurant, just like any other Chinese restaurant, serving dimsum, porridge, noodles.......

Was known as "TRATTORIA", it's an Italian fine dining located at Menara Karya Building in HR Rasuna Said street South Jakarta........i was ordered meatloaf, the taste are really really good......maybe it's the best for me, with olive and mashed potato, hemmmm can't forget the taste. Actually i'm really tempting to try the cesar salad, but too bad i was forget to tell the chef to don't put a bacon on it since i'm a moslem. So i order and not eat that salad.
They also serve various bread and chips, and it's all in the house for bread and chips. But just like any other fine dining, it's quite expensive (at least for me....:-), for 4 persons we paid Rp 1.200.000,- man it's a lot of money for me...........

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jakarta's Restaurant

Since i have a relationship with a man who really love to eat, now i have a new activity........visiting many restaurants. Let's make a list where i've eat with him and like it..........
But don't make it as a refference because i have an eating disorder.

American Grill..........
This restaurant also known as Sizzler, their main menu is steak, they serve appetizer and desert for free, i think the ice cream are nice.
we choose Menteng Branch.......located near to Keris Department store, i choose a tenderloin steak........i think it's not as tasty as i remember, i've been here about a year ago.

Duck King.........
Located at Pondok Indah Mall, they serve chinesse food........we order Duck, Lazy Fish (Ikan Malas) and prawn.......but i don't like duck, and the fish.......uuuugh i don't like it too because it's looks so wet, fortunately i order the prawn, because for me the prawn is the best. My boyfriend said the duck and the fish is soooooo's the best in town

Located at Blok's a Japanesse all you can eat restaurant, they serve shabu-shabu, tepanyaki, chicken triyaki, and so on. Every tables have their own grill and boiler. Everyone can take their own meat and grill by your self.

Sushi Tei
Located at Pondok Indah Mall, it's a raw food Japanese restaurant, they also serve food at a carousel, so if you don't like to wait you can take your food by your self. They serve Sushi and sashimi like Dragon Roll, Ikura Gunkan, etc. Since i don't like sushi, for me, there's nothing special with this restaurant.

Ikan Bakar Kalimantan
We go to this restaurant to celebrate my boyfriend friend birthday, it's located at outskirt area, Cimanggis Depok, near Cibubur. It's a restaurant which serve freshwater fish like Gurame, shrimp, calamary, etc. They also serve lalapan ( a fresh raw vegetable, serve with sambal - Indonesian traditional sauce) and Karedok (fresh raw vegetables with peanut sauce)'s Sundanese traditional food. This restaurant are so over crowd, actually the food are so tastefull, but if we considered the distance form the down town, i have no idea why people come that far for this restaurant.

Kepiting Asap
Located at Jalan Panjang Green Ville West Jakarta, they serve smoked king crab. We can choose the crab by our selves. There are two kind of crab, it's a male and female (i don't know the appropiate term) the male have more muscle, and the female have an eggs inside. Side dish are Kangkung Cha, Fried tofu, Oxtail Soup, etc, they also serve fresh coconut as a beverages. The crabs are so fresh and yummy, i like this restaurant.

To be continued...............

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Hp 520

At Indocomptech 2008 which held at Senayan Sport Hall, I was bought a HP 520, since my kost house were facilitated with an internet conection, i have a new habit........Browsing everyday!!!!!!!!

First thing to do when i get into my bedroom is connecting my laptop to the internet and go...........

My favorite site is Facebook (i think i got addicted to this one.......) Kaskus (an Indonesian forum), Detik (a news site), Yahoo Messenger and off course..........BLOGGING!!!!!

But now my sleep time was reduced, and then i feel so sleepy at the office........hem i think i have to beware of this.

But i don't know why i'm so addicted with the internet, although i do browsing at the office too, so i think i do surfing on the internet for almost 20 hours a day.........Oooops

Actually i really interest to monetize my blog, but i don't know why until now i don't event get even one penny from blogging hiks............

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A new era has begin

Sony PlayStation 3 can played Sony Playstation 2 games and former PlayStation.

Former PlayStation using CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R dan DVD+R disk as a standard medium although this PS3 using Blue Ray to read the disk

The distinctive of this Playstation 3 is the bluetooh joystick which can played with another 7 joystick together. So we don't need any cable anymore, more practical and user friendly.

This joystick also ble to use at all times 24 hours without charging, beside this blue tooth, also available WI-FI, Ethernet Gigabit adaptor, 6 USB 2.0 outputs totalnya, 2 at the front side panel and 4 in the back side, HDMI outputs (for big screen "full digital"), some AV output and S/PDIF optical output for audio-video amplifier.

With multi prosesor which made by IBM Power pc 3,2 GHz speed, the main memory is 256 MB XDR, for the graphic visualitation they choosed NVidia Geforce 6800. Not only play a games, we can also surf the web too, so enjoy it!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Due to the global crisis, many company look so of my boyfriend client company do the same thing, they are a real estate company who develop an integrated city at Jakarta outskirt, now they had a plan to that's so horrible, because as i know they are a big company with a great cash flow.

My company client also panic, they are an international bank, they do retrenchment at every division, it's effected to their requirement to my company, since my company is the outsource company for their facility management, they starting asking about why it's cost this high? why it's need to repair? how much a good cost for repair this and bla bla bla, Although they are the most healthy bank in Indonesia i guess, because i heard they had do acquisition many national bank in Indonesia. So i think they don't have to that panic.

In my opinion, the circumstance will getting worse when more company get panic. I heard Indonesian government applied a new rule in foreign exchange trading, i think it's a good step to help Rupiah rate, and eventually it will help real sector. But well i'm not an economist, so actually i'm not really understand about it.

At last, this situation make me feel so scared, actually i have a plan to search for a new job before, but when i see the earlier situation in Indonesia and global economic which is so unpredictable, better i consider it again. Sigh!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carita Beach

Have been 4 years living in Jakarta, it's the first time for me to visit Carita Beach. Last Saturday i went there with my boyfriend and his friends.

Carita beach is located at Banten province, near Anyer beach. About 200 km from Jakarta west-bound.

We start at 4 PM from my friend house, since we are seven persons so we wont fit in my car or my friends car either, so we borrow my friend dad's car which is a SUV. We stop at a gasoline station and in a mini market to buy snacks. But we couldn't find a beer so we decide to buy it at Anyer.

About next 3 hours, we arrived at Banten down town, we decide to stop by to have a dinner. we choose 'Pawon Desa', it's a Sundanesse restaurant, and managed by 'Bumbu Desa' restaurant, one of a famous restaurant in Jakarta. Actually the food are not really special, just like any other Sundanesse restaurant, but the price is quite cheap, for six person we just spent Rp 160.000,-.

Then we continue the journey, for a tourist destination, i think Banten not provide a comport acces, the street are dark and broken..........
at Anyer we keep looking for a beer, i don't understand why when we really mean to look for something, it's suddenly disappear, it's hard to find a beer......fortunately, in the front of a karaoke club we found it at a simple shop, same like any other retail shop without any sign.

It takes one hours from Anyer to Carita, at 10 PM we arrive at Kondominium Lippo Carita, where we will stay tonight. It's a 4 level clustered condominium, every level have a condominium with 3 or 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and a terrace viewing to the beach. We get a condo at second level.

We spent that night playing a 21 cards with a small bet, actually only for fun, because at the end of the game we turn the money back.

Early in the morning, my friend and i looking something for breakfast, we found it at Wira Carita restaurant, actually there's a lot of food huckster selling something like Nasi Uduk, Nasi goreng, or lontong, but my boyfriend don't like it. So we ride our car to Wira restaurant which is a lot expensive for me, because we spent Rp 200.000 only for breakfast.

After take a breakfast me and my friend went to the beach, we rent a body board, it's Rp 10.000,- per session, you can play as long as you want. The rule of this game is ride the surf......i think it's look like a simple surfing, i can do this game perfectly, i jump to the wave and ride it through the beach, maybe because i'm so's really fun, but my boyfriend can't do this at all, he looks like an anchor jump straight to the bottom.

Then we riding a banana boat, actually from the first i feel so scared but i'm tempted to try so i'm insist, we onlysix because my boyfriend don't want to join , he only take a picture from the speed boat. First we ride the speed boat to the middle, then we move to the banana boat, then the speedboat pulling the banana boat. it's began in a slow speed, but the they accelerate the speed, and at some point the speed boat suddenly turn over so we trowed to the side, Wooow we all jump to the's shocking but it's fun.

At 4 Pm, we go back to Jakarta, hem such a fun weekend.........i love it.

Foto taken from pantaicarita.blogspot

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homey Treats

It's a cute blog with pink lay out ..............and when i explore it,
it's contents are about home interior, like furnishing, Christmas accessories, bedroom, bathroom, etc......quite interesting.

One of my favorite design is.....this one

By the way.....are you guys believe in feng shui?

I do believe, here i'll give you a tips about coloring your bed according to feng shui :

If you are a famous person, maybe you will tempted to painting your room with red to increase your popularity, instead of popular you can't sleep well, why? because Red is included to Yang and sleep are Yin, you better placed a red dolls or red cushion and paint your bedroom with a soft color.

another way in choosing color for a bed room is choosing colors which can increase element quality of your birth. As we know feng shui grouping the element of human birth into some sections like, water, wood, fire, land, and metal. Someone who have a water as a dominant element will feel comfort to choose blue as a color for her bedroom, but the side effect of that color will make she less dynamics. She can add something to balancing her dominant element like add green as a wood, pink for fire, something like that.

Choosing a color for kids bedroom become more complicated, because we have to remember that a bed room for kids are not only for sleep but also as a play ground, choose a pale color will not developed their creativity.

HomeY Treats

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The anger management

I was known as a 'never angry girl'

But the truth is, i always restrain the anger. Deep down in my heart i feel angry........but i just can't express my anger.

But yesterday was different, i finally let my anger out, i'm yelling to my colleague at my office. I currently working as an estimator engineer, which my task is reviewing projects collected by Project Coordinators, i do re-calculate the price and the specification of a project properly. Since i was working in a facility management for a bank, the projects is always a minor project but plenty. And i have to reviewing projects for all over Indonesia. Actually it's not a difficult job but takes time, And yesterday one of my Project Coordinator push me to concern about her project, and currently i have a lot of task to do.......but she keep pushing it and pushing and pushing until i finally blowing top...

I started yelling and tell her that i always do my best, i am working as fast and as propper as i can. And surprisingly ........... after i let my anger it's really feel good, something that i always restrain is good to release...........sigh.......

And what i found is, my colaegue get more appreciated me now ha ha ha..... it's good.


My cousins was stay at my home for 3 days, and for that time i know how it's feels when you have a roommate.

And surprisingly, for me it's not a good feeling.............i don't like it. When i go home, i just want to have a time to be alone, to do something that i love, anything i like. And frankly it's not about my cousin, it's all about me.

I don't understand why now my psychological has changes, now i like to be alone, something that i hate before. I don't know why now i enjoy my loneliness, i totally don't understand why.

Then i thinking about how if one day i get married? will i have a same feeling.......? I hope not....because one day i have to marry someone, and then i have to share my time......I can't be alone anymore.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another car crash

Yesterday was my bad day ........

I woke up and feel sooooooo bad, i call my boyfriend he still sleep, but i have to go Gambir railway station to pick up my cousin.

I don't know why i so hard to find that Gambir railway Station although i already in Monas Area, and i know that Gambir is next to Monas. But i think i am really bad in mapping.......i take almost 1 hours go arround Monas area until almost frustrated. Thank God i finally found it.

After picked up my cousin and drop her at my sister house, i mean to go back to my home. When i started my car engine, i didn't notice that there's a 80 cm height wall in front of my car, i just trod on the accelerator and Brakkk!!!! my car crash on that wall......Woa i think i losing my mind.

I check the car and i see my car body was damaged and the steer is bent, hiks.........

When i take my car to the car shed, the mechanic said that the shock absorber and the axle was bent and have to replace....hem it's need a lot of money, so to counter this i just spooring and balancing the wheel as an emergency action. Now i can drive my car again with a slow speed.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aerosmith night at The Rocks Cafe

Last night when i ready to sleep, my friend ring me and ask me to go to the rock cafe because that night they held an Aerosmith night event.

Actually i feel slack to go since i already laying in my bed, listening a lullaby song and moreover tomorrow is a work day, But then my boyfriend ask me too and my friend insist me so i go.

The Rock cafe is a bar with live music, placed at basement floor Grand Flora Hotel Kemang South Jakarta. It was established and owned by Ahmad Dhani, one of Indonesia's top musician.

The entry ticket valued Rp 100.000,- included one glass of beer or soft drink. The opening act by a new comer band, i don't even remember the name of the band, they play a music sounds like pop music, something like Sheila on 7 band with a little masculine touch. After that, the second band are 'Janice', it's a band with a 2 kids housewife as a singer and Janice is name of the vocalist. The last one before 'Aerosmith' ferformed is another band.....i don't remember the name too, it's a band with 1 male vocalist and 2 girls vocalist , they play the best of you by Foo Fighter and Genie in the bottle rock version. Overall, the worst ferformance is Janice band, i have no idea why the event organizer choose a band like Hannah Montana band (with an old lady as a vocalist) show at a Rocking cafe.
From second band until the third band, the audience start get bored and snappish, they start yelling and ask the band to stop singing.

Fortunately, the last band are quite good, it's a mix musician from several top band in Indonesia, like Jikun /RIF, Adi Powerslave, Ipang, etc so i'm not really upset. First song was ruined by a bad soundmixer, but then the sound man can encounter the problem. They played, Amazing (my favourite), Jaded, Crazy.......yeah i think they are good enough.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today i have to make a review for ravi

I think he is really good on technology.....and what amaze me is he already bloging in 2001 wow that's so fantastic!!! i don't even know what blog is at that time.

In a post he talking about Ubuntu,
from what i've heard is Ubuntu word derivated from African ancient language which meaning "humanity to others"

Ubuntu is an Operating system based on Linux, there also a Ubuntu community which created based on idea which appropriated with Ubuntu philosophy where a software has to be available and free of charges. That software has to be used in a local language and for a fiscally handicap, they can use a software which can adjusted according to their own needs.

So when using ubuntu, you can modificated this software untul this software can work suit to you.

Ubuntu very suitable for desktop or server. Ubuntu supporting computer architecture like PC (Intel x86), PC 64-bite (AMD64), PowerPC (Apple iBook and Powerbook, G4 dan G5), Sun UltraSPARC and T1 (Sun Fire T1000 dan T2000).

Ubuntu included more than 16.000 pcs software, for a dekstop installation you only need one CD. All standard application like spreadsheet, internet, software for web, programing and off course games.

Below is a released and distributed Ubuntu version :

1) Version 4.10 (Warty Warthdog).
2) Version 5.04 (Hoary Hedgedog).
3) Version 5.10 (Breezy Badger).
4) Version 6.06 (Drapper Drake).
5) Version 6.10 (Edgy Eft).
6) Version 7.04 (Feisty Fawn).
7) Version 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbson).

(From many sources)

ubuntu rocks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Yesterday i watch a DVD titled 'Sisterhood of the traveling pants', it's a movie about friendship between 4 girls who their mom was have a prenatal therapy in a same place, and they were delivered on the almost a same time.

The story began when they found a pant in a vintage store, the weird thing is that pant is fit to the four girl even though they are not in a same size body. Then they decide to wear the pant for a week during their summer holiday and pass it to the other with a story when they wear it.

First turn is Lena, she go to the Greek to see her grand ma. While she wearing the pant she met a young and handsome Greek who was her Grand Father and that boy Grand father was be enemies.
Second turn is Carmen, she go to met her Dad, and what she found is such a shocking circumstance when she see her dad was almost marry a women with 2 teenage kids.
Then Tibby, Tibby stay in her own home during holiday because she need to collect some money to buy a video recording set. While she working in Wallmans she met Bailey a 12th years old who was fainting, Bailey has a leukeumia, she pass away afterwards.
Bridget, her mom was pass away a few years ago, in a summer camp she just realize that she really need her mom for something she couldn't talk to her dad.

I don't know why every time i watch a movie with a family value inside, i always cry loudly. I cry when Carmen angry to her Dad, i cry when Tibby and BAiley talking in the hospital, i cry when Bridget miss her mom, I cry when Lena standing alone in the beach.

Why i so sensitive? Maybe because actually i had their feeling too, i do missed my Mom, I do missed my best friend, i do loss my Dad.....Sigh

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Free games and Softwares

Andy setiawan has a very useful blog where he share games and software for free...........uuh so fantastic........i've downloading a games from his blog too.

You know what kind of games that i really love, i love racing games, any kind of race game.

I love most of mini pc games too, like bubble, packman, mahyong, and any other simple game. I don't like a games with hazy lay out, dark.........i love a cheerful game.

From internet, i found that game history was started when Nintendo release their first portable LCD game “Games & Watch” and Gameboy known as mobile game console. In 1997, Nokia made a new type game which can be played in the celullar phone. First most popular game is Snake. In 1999, multi-player game in mobile devices released which based on WAP game based text messaging. In 2001, game has developed with color screen and Java downloaded games based. In 2003, Nokia introduce platform N-Gage and game online with that platform. Now mobile device has supported by 3D graphic, and great capacity memory.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Share your feeling

Devita in her blog talking about a healthy relationship is if we can share our feeling to our spouse. I think i agree about that......

But for me, share a feeling is a hardest thing in the world.

Currently i have a boyfriend, but i can't talking about anything to him, especially when i feel so sad, i have no courage to tell him.

Yesterday he tell me that he just get a sms from her ex girlfriend who is tell him that she's gonna married soon, and he tell me that he feel so sad to hear it. Actually i feel shocking about his sadness and suddenly i feel so sad too, i wonder how can he tell me that he feel so sad about his ex-girlfriend marriage. But i don't even say something to him, i just hearing his voice on the phone and start crying without a sound, only a tears fall down from my eyes and keep my voice as normal as i can.

Until now he don't even know about it, we keep talking like usual, but deep in my heart i feel like i'm losing something, i feel like he don't really love me, he is not really want me, maybe deep in his heart he still want his ex. And honestly it's reduce my love to now, he go to another city for a couple days, i don't even feel miss him or something.

I know is not a healthy relationship anymore, uuuuh can somebody help me to be more

shopping, technology, home and living, entertainment, money, business, internet, spiritual, fashion, blog

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being a smart blogger

I saw the blog above and i see that Ridho Putradi S'Gara is a smart blogger, the blog contain so many thing useful for us, not only personal thing happens in his life, he also share about how to get a dollar for your blog, tips and trick to be a better blogger.

I like his blog............

But lately he's feel unwell, his life is no longer easy so he stop blogging for a while, uuuuh what a pitty.

He also make a commitment for his blog, like he'll give a best possible hosting for his blog, always promote his blog online and write and publish his blog like clockwork .........well seem's good. when i read the tittle i think he's gonna talking about relationship or something.

You know, i get some knowledge from his blog too, like how to find your fella phone number somewhere in the USA, or how to invetigate some annoying phone caller.....

And.......if you want to know about how to get a shared $ 7,5 from him, better you check out his blog now!!!!

Health Insurance

make money on line

Think for the best and prepare for the worst........

I think it's a good idea when we think about an insurance, because sometimes maybe we feel dislike to pay the insurance premium considering we aren't need it at current time.

But we don't know what gonna happens next time, maybe we suddenly get an accident or something, then we have to go to the hospital and get an expensive treatment. And when it's happens maybe we'll feel sorry that we don't have any health insurance.

I feel in a fit heath, so why i have to pay any health insurance? most people maybe will think like that,
In Indonesia health insurance was classified into 2 kind, collective (group) and individual. Individual insurance appropriate for your self or family. And collective are an insurance which given by company to their employe. The more persons colleting in one company, the cheaper premium that company have to pay.


Commomly treatment or program in helath insurance is outpatient, inpatient, birth delivery and dentist.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to counter anchor url cannot be found

Man....i really feel glad when i know how to submit a post exchange and without find a text 'Anchor url cannot be found'.

The way out is so simply as a ABC, just put your URL link which already reserved by Smorty to your post.....then write your review.....Voila!!!!! it's work.........


Busway is a mass transportation facility for Jakarta dweller, it's a bus with gas as a fuel, they have an independent track which can't use by another vehicle, also renown as Trans Jakarta. A bus rapid transit, it's modeled from TransMilenio which already succeed in Bogota, Colombia.

Busway came from Sutiyoso (former Jakarta's governor)idea, at the first release, Busway was served from Blok M (a main sub terminal in Jakarta) to Harmoni, the route called as corridor. Furthermore Busway also develop more corridor like Ragunan (Jakarta's zoo) to Halimun, and Kampung Melayu to Ancol, Kampung Rambutan to Kampung Melayu, Pulogadung to Harmoni.....and so on, i don't know another 2 corridors.

For this busway you only have to pay Rp 3.500 per corridor. I think it's worth because, for example you living in Kampung Melayu and your office is in Sudirman street, instead of driving your car with hard traffic everywhere, better you choose Busway where you can only sit in an air conditioned bus and in 30 minutes you'll come to your office. Although you have to transit from corridor Kampung Melayu to corridor Blok M - Harmoni.

Monetize your blog

working online

Something interesting about blogging is you can express your feeling and can get money, all at once. Even until now i still can't get money yet from blogging i still happy for this.

And a blog which talking about marketing and money service like this are really helpful. for me, they are really smart and always want to try a new experience and share to the other. I can enhance my knowledge and ability in blogging and how to get money from this through another blog.

Along ago, i don't even really believe that we can really get money online, but then i try a PTC (paid to click) sites........four months later i get paid, $ 5.12 is my first money from internet. After that i feel so addicted in digging dollars from the internet.

I searching from the testimonial from another netter, how they get money, and there's a lot of things that we can do to get money, but yes we have to be carefull because there's also a scam sites which never pay you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Travel and reverie

What is your reverie travel?

Maybe there would be so many answer, even for me, there's still so many answer, sometimes i will answer a travel with a lot traveler check in my pocket, which i can spend it all in so many boutique in Milan, London or Paris, stay in five stars hotel, riding a luxurious sport car......or maybe, travel with a back pack, take a bus and go around the world. It's all depend on my mood hemmmm.

But actually i never had a luxurious travel like i mentioned in paragraph above, moreover i never go travel for vacation he he.....yea that's right. My first travel outside my island (Java) is going to Makassar (South Sulawesi, for a student conference, my college sent me to that congress as a participant.

Then next travel is going to Banjarmasin city (South Kalimantan), for a visit to my sisters funeral, and i think a funeral visit is not a fun reason to go anywhere in the world.

After that, i go to Banda Aceh (Nangroe Aceh Darusalam), to stay for working in a couple months.

Well so, i never had a dream travel......a reverie....not like ester who had a lot of travel and having fun on it. Something that she can share in her blog.

But maybe i can illustrated something about the city i've ever traveled, maybe for an alternative destination reference.


This city was also called 'East Indonesia Gate', because it's the biggest city in east Indonesia. They have so many memorial place, like Benteng Ujung Pandang or also called Port Rotterdam. it's a historical heritage from South Sulawesi kingdom (GOWA) at 17th century, in 1667 Gowa empire was defeated by Dutch. This fort was built by Tenth Gowa king 'Imanrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung' also famous as Karaeng Tunipalangga Ulaweng. At Dutch overrun, this fort was rebuilt and change the name into Fort Rotterdam.

Photo courtesy of


The most famous place is Pasar terapung Muara Kuin (Floating market Muara Kuin), it's a place where buyer and vendor stay in their jukung (a name of a boat) while their doing transaction), this market was built more than 400 years ago. Until now they still doing barter, or called bapanduk in local langauge, beside off course a regular transaction with money. Maybe one day they'll do modern transaction with Visa or Master, who knows?

Photo courtesy of

Banda Aceh

Already reviewed in my previous post.

Laskar Pelangi the Movie

My Piece of Paradise

I would to thank you to somebody who create movie, a long time ago. I can't imagine how is life without a movie, how we'll spent our spare time?

The latest movie that i watch is LASKAR PELANGI, this movie is a visualization from a novel with a same title written by Andrea Hirata.

It's talking about 10 kids who is living in Belitong Island and studying in a poor school named Muhamadiyah elementary school. They all came from a poor family who live in Belitong island, somewhere next to Bangka Island near West Sumatera. Most of their parents was PN Timah labour (a former great government company), i have no idea is PN Timah is still there or not.

Actually it's a true story about Andrea Hirata, he is a poor kid who had a illiteracy dad, fortunately his dad sent him to a good school although they are poor, he had a great teacher named Ms Muslimah who struggle to teach event though she had to teach all of them by her self.

I already read the novels, it's a tetra logy novel, from first book (Laskar Pelangi), second book (Sang Pemimpi) and Third book (Endersor), the fourth book not released yet, uuuuh i can't wait to read this one.

Now i heard the Indonesia President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono watch the movie, and many government official also watch this movie too and make this movie as a reference to develop Indonesia education.

I really really love to watch a movie, and i really really proud if i see Indonesian people can make a great movie, like this one.

Talking about women

secret womens business

Women always love talking about women, do you?

I guess so......because a lot of thing can talk about us. We can talk about cosmetic, health, hobbies, dating, fashion. I'm so glad I was born as a girl, because so many beautiful things was made for us.

Let see, jewelery.......i think most of girl in the world love to wear a jewelery. from Cleopatra to Britney Spears....i think they love to wear them. And so do i, i love platinum jewelery or silver, especially with minimalist design. I love wearing pendant mostly. And then cosmetic, hemmmmmmm if i had a lot money, like 5 million rupiahs each month to spent for cosmetic, i would love to spend it all. Unfortunately it's wasn't.

Something i know about cosmetic is, we always burnt up to try something new, something which advertised on the magazine or television, most Asian girl love a white skin, that's why whitening cosmetic is really demanded here. But now i just realized that, white is not necessary anymore, but being healthy skin is more more important.

And it's looks like a never ending story on this. I was born in Bandung city (about 100 miles to Jakarta) which is famous with pretty girls who loves to wear a fashionable things and have a pretty look face. We had so many way to find out a cute fashion which on trends with affordable price, like hunting the discount, or imitate the branded fashion (Ups!!!)......

Indonesia Stock Exchange Suspend

BEI = Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange)

Wednesday, 8 October 2008 BEI has suspend the stock exchange at first sessions. This is the very first time for BEI since 11th September.

Stock authority decide to suspend the stock exchange and waiting for the evaluation effected from international and regional stock exchange.

I think, the reason why BEI decide to suspend is not really clear, or maybe because i'm not really clear in stock at all?

When it's suspended, IHSG = Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (Jakarta Composite Index)fall 10,38 percent to 1.451,669.

Until Friday, the suspend is still turn on.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The blog addicted

Jsprik's weblog

Why blogging are so addicted???
I think because you can talk everything you want to talk about, you can express any of your feeling.

I see a lot of people talking about their family, friends, their job, hobbies.......and sooooo many more in their blog. And is it usefully for other blog reader? yes i think so. Because it's happens to me, when i need to know about something, let say when i feel so interested about green peace community (the community that i always want to join in), i start searching from the internet, and my search engine mostly will searched blogger who write about their experience in green environment. And for me, something like this is more reality than a documentary movie.

Yea i think, this is the point what i love about's more realistic than any commercial website.

It's look like watching a reality show on TV, when we watch a Kardashian family, or Lohan, or the Carters, i think it's some interesting TV show.......another different kind of TV show, beside news, soap opera, quiz. It's really enriching, and entertaining.

Another blogger loves to monetize their blog too, and i guess it's really fine, hobby makes money, it's quite cool.

So guys, keep blogging,

I Love blogging !!!!!!!!


I've been submit my blog to smorty about 7 months ago, can you imagine that? i need 7 months to be approved he he.......but it's ok, no pain no gain, isn't it?

If you never heard about smorty, smorty is one of the company which connecting between advertiser and bloger. They pay through Paypal My suggestion is, make an unique category, it's to avoid duplicating content, it's to make easier for search engine to search your blog. Because smorty really appreciated your originality of your blog.

But if you already register but not getting a job yet (like me), maybe we can follow this tips :

- Please regularly login to your account, because the more often you login the bigger chance you get a task

- Make a minimum 150 word review

- Cek your paypal

Just like that, well good luck guys........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Visual basic

free visual basic tools

Actually i don't know very much about visual basic, one thing i know about visual basic is a computer program language to build an application. We using algorithm, logic on how to apply these to a programing language.

Lately i've heard about VB+ViMaker32 (Visual Basic Virus Maker). From what i search in the internet, VB+ViMaker32 is a software which built for making a computer program which based on security. This software is an editor which containing codes to running an action according to given code. This software could make a program (for security)with purpose to testing on computer system, change system management, also as a malware removal with any additional modul/plugins.

This software could do a simulation malware attack and testing system endurance to malware attack and could refresh a system which already changed by a malware.

Even this software is labeled ‘Virus Maker’, doesn't mean that this software only can make a malware, this software also could be used to converse existing and active malware using ‘Malware vs Malware’ technical so you can using this software if your anti virus could not detect or delete active malware

This software was made using ‘Visual Basic’ language program, to running this software and the program that made, you have to have a Visual Basic runtime file in your system file runtime : MSVBVM60.etc. Software is a replacement for similar program which released before: BCVCKIT32 (Bla@ck Cyber Virus Cre@tor Kit). This software has revised and name changing starting from : MesMew Virus Compiler (unreleased), V-Rez@constructor (RC01) and the latest VB+ViMaker32. With continuing development this software has become an useful tools.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Property Valuation

Mortgage and More Blog

In Indonesia, we are not familiar with mortgage, especially in real estate and property field. But there's something we can talk about real estate and property, that is VALUATION.

Actually i was graduated from Architecture and now i'm currently working as a facility management for an international bank here in Jakarta, but one day a head hunter website sent me a job opportunity to be a valuation officer in a Malaysian Company.

Since i have no experience about valuation, so i start searching about these. And what i found is, a property valuer (someone who is doing valuation) is someone who give an appraisal for a property, Valuing real estate calls for precision and knowledge. Proper interpretation of available data, someone who had a formal training and qualifications before.

Suddenly i feel so interested with this profession, then i start searching about this profession. Then i know that in Indonesia there is an association for them, it's call MAPPI (Massyarakat Profesi Penilai Indonesia) and in North East Asia there AVA (Asean Valuer Association).

There also a formal education for them, it's a Master Degree at Indonesia University in cooperation with MAPPI.

Since i have a plan to move to Kuala Lumpur next year so i search a formal education about valuation in Malaysia, then i know that there's a Real Estate Master Degree which learn about Valuation and anything about property in University of Malaya.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting pasport in Manila

getting a passport in manila

Actually i have no idea about how to getting a passport in Manila, since i living in Indonesia and i've never go abroad.

But i can tell you about how to get a passport in Jakarta, Indonesia, i've been doing it at 2007.

Here in Indonesia, now they have a newest methods to propose a passport it's called digitization system, where were it's manual system.

First you have to go to Immigration station according to the area where you are living in, for example if you are living in East Jakarta, you can find it at Cipinang street next to Cipinang prison.

Document requirement :

1. KTP (Indonesian Citizenship card)
2. Familly listed card
3. Latest education certificate or birth certificate
4. A covering letter from company where you are worked (if any)

Then, follow this step :

1. Fill in a request form (it's Rp 15.000,-)
2. Put this form to the locket and wait until 5 work days (It's free of charges)
3. Submit your photograph (Rp 55.000,- for making your photograph) and follow the interview (Pay Rp 200.000,-)and finger print fee Rp 5.000,-
4. Processed about 2 work days
5. Your passport is done

And that's it fella.......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elling Bra

I've heard about elling bra from a community forum in the internet, just because of the testimony from user i burnt up to try. So 3 months ago i buy this bra.

How this bra is working? it's about the construction of the bra, they collect the fat around your breast into the cup (where they have to be) and keep them there. So day to day the fat which collected will make a squashy breast to a chewy breast.

And you know what, after 3 months usage, it's really works. Actually my breast is still ideal, but this bra make my breast more voluming.

And now, i need to change the cup because it's not fit in anymore, it's mean my size it's getting bigger, YUHUUUU!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beard and Gamis

There's a funny story about beard,

In Indonesia, a man with a beard, especially when he wearing a gamis (an Arabian style shirt), people will conclusion in a rush that he must be FPI (Front Pembela Islam), an organization in Indonesia who always fighting pornographic, adulterous, alcohol and something bad like that.

For a bad girl like me, of course not an interesting moment if i have to get in touch with them.

Yesterday i was looking for a new kost (boarding house), somebody fingered me to a great house with modern minimalist style, when i see the house WOW!!! i like this, so i parked my car and my friend come out from my car first then go straight to the front area, but suddenly she turn back to my car, i wondering why. When i look toward, i see a man with a beard and a gamis in the front of the kost house.

I feel shocking too, i see sceptically maybe it's a FPI station. Actually i want to turn back too but i already park my car, it will look so not polite if i just turn back like that so me and my friend continue walking. The guardian greet us and let us see the room, during walking i asking about who is the man with beard and gamis, is he someone so religious. He answer that he is an occupant in this kost house, and actually it's not his habit to wearing gamis....and he said i don't have to worry, he he he must be understand that i'm freak. it's not about FPI, but i prefer to not get in touch with something too religious.

Well then i feel so lighten, especially when i see the room is so cool, an air conditioned room with personal bathroom and large parking area, i think it's the one that i'm looking for so long, and for this cool room i only have to pay Rp 1.600.000,- per month. This kost house also completed with a small gym, it's located at Cipete area, South Jakarta.

Anchor URL cannot be found

I mean to join in post exchange program at Smorty, a paid to review website

and when i fill in the post url this text :

Anchor URL cannot be found........

It's always shown when i try to post in post exchange at Smorty.......

I try and try and try........and never success, why???????

UUUh i'm so confusing, is there anyone can help me and tell me what it is? because in my opinion i follow the right way to exchange. But it's always happen hemmmmmm confuse!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

L is for Love and Loneliness

If the blog which i linked is tell us that L is for Lamppost, Lantern and Lotus flower......for me L is for Love and Loneliness.


Because for me Love and Loneliness is related, once i fall in love with somebody that's the time when i asking for more. I need him every time everywhere and his everything.

But as we commonly known, there's no everything everywhere and every time for us, not from the one that we love. And that the time when loneliness became a friend of your heart, loneliness will fulfill your daily life.

So, can you get the main problem is?

The main problem is, don't ever hoping and asking anything from the one that you life, so then you will free from hoping and loneliness. Then there's only love which will showering your heart and flowering your days. know it's a hardest thing in the world, to really love a man, you get to let him free and don't package him with any of your demanding.


If you have no idea to spent your spare time, just go to the karaoke.........and sing a song.

Last Sunday night I did karaoke with my friends at Happy Puppy D best Fatmawati South Jakarta. It's a karaoke center, quite comfortable in affordable price.

They are a computer based karaoke, unlike KTV Karaoke at Plaza Senayan which based on Television Karaoke which is a little confusing for me because i'm not familiar yet, in computer based, we can only read the song list on the computer monitor and pick it by a mouse click. In Television based, we choose at a television screen and pick it with a remote control.

Actually television based karaoke is one step ahead from computer based, but he he maybe i'm a technology stammer.

Things to make karaoke became so fun is :

1. Choose a cool friends, don't pick a friend who will dominated to sing, otherwise you will only dazed all over the time instead enjoy the karaoke
2. Choose a cheerful song, once you choose a sad song, the ambient will became full of sadness
3. Beer will help to rise warmness in the room
4. Snack ....... like chips and cookies is cool

Manicure Pedicure

One of my hobby is going to a beauty center.........

Last week end i try Mousse Salon at Cikajang street for manicure pedicure, this beauty salon was known as a good salon about 2 or 3 years ago, but i think now their popularity is not as good as before.

First the therapist put my feet at a warm water in a bowl, then she brush my skin with an oval soft brush, cut off my nail, feel off the dead skin around the nail and last massaging a lotion on it.

She do the same thing on my hand, but for my hand she put more attention so when it finish my nail became so shiny......uuh i like it.

For a whole day my hand and my feet look so gorgeous, but when the next day i do my another hobby (washing my own car, my shiny and charm hand back to their originally look, dull, dim and ugly.........!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Body of Lies

Yesterday i was watching this movie...........

It's a film stared by Leonardo DiCaprio and Russel Crowe, i like a lot this movie, and i think the theme is more valuable than another spy movie, like James Bond or something. It's talking about how United states work on Middle east, how they defeat terrorism, Al Qaeda......and then there's a Jordanian intelligence, entrapment.

Leonardo as an agent has to find Al Saleem, who masterminding bombing in Europe, a bomb which blasted in a peaceful cities, which killed hundred indecent people.

In this movie, you will see a different performance from Leonardo, who's usually play a romantic persons, here Leonardo dressed up like an Arabian, with beard and speaking in Arabic language. But this movie have a loooooooong duration time, about 3 hours. For a 'thinking' theme film like this, it's really weary........and for me actually this movie is not entertaining, but it's enriching my mind.

Over all, if you want to enhance your knowledge about intrigue and conspiracy, i really recommended this film

Friday, October 10, 2008



Like any girls or maybe peoples all around the world......i do like gossiping too, but when i read this linked blog, i found three rows

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people.

It's really awakening me, deep in my mind i always convince my self that i'm a smart girl......if it's true this mean that i should have a great mind, and a great mind not discussing people, they discussing idea.

But why it's a lot easier to talking people instead of idea? the answer is because we didn't need a great mind which mean a smart brain to talking other people.

For example, when we still in the high school, we gossiping most popular girl in the school, about her new hair cut, her boyfriend, her fashion, or even her maiden name in her family.

Then we came in to employment world, we start talking our colleague, who is a beautiful secretary, we talking about how short her skirt, her body language when she talking with men, or even her sex life.

I know that we'll never stop talking about other people if we didn't try to stop it.......actually this post is really open my mind......if i want other people think that i'm as smart as i think, i should try to stop gossiping other people, and start talking about my ideas. Hemmmmmmmm

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rumah Sosis

RUMAH = House
SOSIS = Sausage

Next day, me, my sister, my brothers and 3 of my nephew mean to go back to Jakarta, but before we leave, we go first to Rumah Sosis at Setiabudhi North Bandung.

when we arrive, we see soooooooo many people there, we can't get a parking lot, so we park at the street side and walk to the location.

Rumah sosis is an outdoor games area, mostly for kids age 3 - 13 years old. They provide ATV (a four wheel vehicle in a dusty track), flying fox, swimming pool, bicycling, tree house, fishing and horse riding. They also sell a special receipt sausage as a main selling point.

The ticket to get in is Rp 2.000,- to play any of the games there we have to pay in a variate rate, Flying fox for kids Rp 10.000, adult Rp 15.000,- combo Rp 20.000,- Horse riding Rp 10.000,- fishing Rp 10.000,- bicycling Rp 20.000,- swimming Rp 25.000,- Tree house Rp 10.000,- ATV Rp 25.000,-

I see my nephews so happy, they play a lot of game until i feel drop.

Most Incredible LEBARAN

LEBARAN = Eid Mubarak
KETUPAT = Rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves
OPOR = meat or chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices.

Common activity in Lebaran day in Indonesia are Eid pray in a large field or grand mosque, silaturahmi, eating ketupat with opor, and then visiting relative home.

So in this lebaran, i try to follow that common activity, with a little mess everywhere. When my dad cannot reach Cirebon, so we go straight to Bandung, we arrive at Bandung at 2 PM, before we go my brother house at Bumi Panyawangan Cileunyi Bandung, we looking for somebody to accept our Fitrah obligatory alms, but along the way, we didn't find any. So we decide to go sleep first and continue it tomorow.

8 PM next day, i just woke up, the Eid pray is already done, so i missed it, then i go bath, dress up and eat ketupat with opor, hemmmmm yummy.....after 1 month fasting.

Then i go to my sister house where my dad is stay, forgive each other with my dad and brother, sister. Then go to my aunt house......and so on. Uhhh such a boring Lebaran day........

Monday, October 6, 2008

All those lonely night

Have you ever feel like this......

When you have no light to guide you
and no one to walk beside you

Now i feel that feeling, and trust's really hurt
No friend
No boyfriend
No family
to talk.......

Yes i have a boyfriend, yes i have so many friends, yes i have a great family.....but why now it's looks like a pale shadow, I can't speak my mind, i can't tell all of my sadness, i can't tell all of my dream.....It's looks like i'm standing at the highest tower in world, and ready to jump.

God, I really miss somebody who really cares and protect, who really know who i am, who really understand what I want, but now they all disappear, and now i only surrounding by stranger, stranger who's called boyfriend, and friends.

My bed room is now a sanctuary of my tears
All that i have is only all those lonely night.........

Ziarah = a devotional visit to a sacred place

Day three at Cirebon........

Early in the morning we go to the village which my mom's rest in peace. It takes 30 minutes from Cirebon up town to Sindang Laut direction....

Once we came to village we go straight to the grave, cleaning the grave from grass, watering the soil and take a pray for her....

After that we going to my grand pa's house. It's a big old house with wide yard and fish pond.....I see my cousins, my aunt.......

this is my last fasting day.......and it's quite hard, i feel so thirsty, hungry, limp.....uh it's must be because of the weather, Cirebon is so hot.

Actually we mean to celebrate the Eid Mubarak here but then my dad call from Bandung, he had an obstacle, his car was on strike on the way to Cirebon next to my sister house at East Bandung, there is no hope he can continue the trip, so we decide to follow him to Bandung and celebrate the Eid Mubarak there.

So then after have our last breakfasting, we go to Bandung. This time is my turn to drive, i drove slowly from Cirebon - Kadipaten - Jatiwangi - Majalengka - Sumedang but until Cadas Pangeran i can't continue driving because the track was to dangerous for me, it's a narrow street, ascending and curve, so i let my brother to drive again.

at 2 PM we arrive to Bandung, sleep at my brother home Bumi Panyawangan Cileunyi....Huhhhhh so weary

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Brak fasting at Kasepuhan Cirebon

Day two at Cirebon.........

Just because we still feel tired, we mean to going around Cirebon town before we go to the cemetery.

We are still in fasting, first we go to Grage Mall, the biggest mall in Cirebon......and it's a 3 floor mall, with minimum air conditioner, now we are suffering because it's hot and there's nothing entertain us, like window shopping or something, because for us Grage Mall is really bored. And my laptop cannot connect to the hotspot, so it's completely bored.

Then we continue around, looking something for break fasting, first we choose Kanoman street but then we found that this street is too mess so we're moving forward to the front of Kasepuhan mosque.

At Kasepuhan mosque there so many food vendor, and the place is comfort enough for us. We choose empal gentong = a meat soup with coconut milk, Nasi Lengko = Rice with tofu, bean sprout, tempe, and soy sauce. Ketoprak = vegetables with peanut sauce, sop buah = fruits with syrup and ice, Teh Poci = tea served in a clay pot and lump sugar.

for all menus we have to pay Rp 102.000,-. Actually i don't mind with the price, but when i ask my brother who is Cirebon resident, it's really shocking........we have to pay empal gentong = Rp 15.000,- per pack which common price is Rp 6.000 - 7.000, Nasi lengko we paid Rp 10.000,- with common price is Rp 4.000,- WOOOWWW!!! So if we pay according to the common price, we only have to pay about Rp 50.000,-.......hemmmm well so this is Cirebon people........

The day of Mudik to Cirebon

MUDIK = going back to the hometown, mostly to celebrate Eid mubarak.

To celebrate this eid mubarak i mean to come to my Mom's cemetery, which placed at Cirebon.

Sunday 28th September 2008 8 PM, me, my sister, and 2 of my brothers start to go from my sister's house at East Jakarta. First we go to Jakarta - Cikampek toll, then we turn to the left to Pantura, i found that the traffic was normal, no stuck at many points. We take a rest at Cikampek, just because my brother feel tired already so i replace him to drive the car, so this is my first experience driving in Pantura way. Cikampek - Pamanukan Subang - Indramayu - then Cirebon. Yuhuuuu here we come Cirebon, it's takes 5 hours from Jakarta to Cirebon.

Along the trip i see somebody MUDIK by a BAJAJ!!! Bajaj = a three wheels vehicle with simple engine, usually used as communal transportation in Jakarta. Can you imagine it? and i see the Bajaj driver still wear his daily uniform, with towels in the neck and hat...he he. Another mudikers mostly using motorcycle, and the way they ride their bike is so miserable, harm another people and them self.

The first place to reach is my elder brother house at Perumnas Cirebon, we mean to take a rest here before we go to the cemetery which is take another 30 minutes more to the village.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Car accident at Toll Cikampek

Actually it was happens almost 3 years ago............

I was mean to celebrate 2005 new years eve at Bandung with my friends, there were 4 persons, Me, my sister, My friend Dewi and Elly drove elly's boy friend car.

First, i drove the car.....but then at next to the toll gate, Elly insist to replace me, even though her driving skill is really really not good, she currently learning it. Considering the car is her boyfriend car so i let her do it. I move to sit in the back of passenger side, and my sister in the back of driver side.

We passed the toll gate and nothing happens, but after about 2 kilometers from Cikampek gate, suddenly a motorbike running towards in a high speed, Elly feel shocking
and swore to the left, to right, to the left again without press the brake pedal......until we jump in to a dell and still move forward until we crash on a house wall. BRAKKK!!! Now we STOPPED!!!, so this is the brake.......the wall is the brake HUH!

While it's happens i bow and cover my head behind the passenger site and hold that things when my car throw down forcefully, my body stay stable and safe.

But when we finally stop and look up, first view that i see is my sister huddle under the steer next to Elly the driver, i spontaneously scream and jump out of the car and pull her body, when i pull it, i see a fresh blood dripped from her head, i screamed as loud as i can, looking for help. In a second so many people come around and help us.

They sent my sister and Dewi who get a brake arm to the nearest hospital, my sister collapse but i still hear Dewi shrieking. I collect my stuf before i left to the hospital.

The nearest hospital is Efarina Etaham hospital, Elly and i take care of the hospital administration in the front area and answering the question from the police officer.

Then i came up to the emergency room where my sister get an emergency help. She has a long wound in the back side of her head, now hey have to suture it, the medical staff ask me how she get the wound, so i explain, they said is she suddenly puke or not, because if she suddenly puke it's mean she has a concussion of the brain. Fortunately she puke after a while, it's mean she puke because she get a headache.

My sister chops looks bulging, when i ask it to the doctor, she said she don't know why.....Ha?

Then i spent the night from one test to another test for my the middle of the bight, the doctor came to our room and congrats us a "Happy new year everyone!!!!" ......actually i really don't want to hear something like that this time, so i just look at to the doctor eyes and say nothing.

Next day, my family came from Bandung to pick up us.....we transfer my sister to the AMC hospital in Cileunyi Bandung. She get an immediate response from the doctor in Emergency room, she call the specialist to get an immediate analysis......about 10 minutes the specialist come, he open my sister head (which is already sutured by Efarina Etaham doctor before) because the contaminated thing in my sister head is still uncleaned up then he suture it again . And about the chop, he said that it's because the chop is crack, that's why it's bulging, to repair it, she has to wear a brace for 1 to 2 months.

Hem, now i see the different beetween AMC hospital and Efarina Etaham, and i wonder why i spent more money at 1 night Efarina Etaham compare to 7 days at AMC Hospital.

Now my sister already ok, but this accident still remains in my mind until now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to remove a black spot on your skin

Spent 8 months at Banda Aceh has remains so many freckle on my face, and sometimes it's make my face looks like dark shadowed.......hiiiii

I think Banda Aceh sun is so different with another part of Indonesia, it's so hot and nettled, leaves a big black spot in my face.

Now i have to remove it........hem, trust me, it's quite hard to do. I try a repair package, something like Blossom Brand, made by a dermatologist, it's a day and night cream, a whitening serum and a soap........until i empty the whole package, the black spot is still there HUHHHH!!!!

Next, i buy a Jelly Gamat, because i read in a forum that it's works to remove things like i buy these online, i try this product for about 1 month......well actually i don't know is it really works or not, because there's no significant result on my skin.

Then i try another dermatologist, she give me a similar things, a day and night cream, a blending lotion and a soap, i try this package in pain and suffer, because my skin getting red and caustic, when i contact my dermatologist, he said it's ok because this is the way it's working. After 2 weeks in suffer, i stop using this product, and how the result? Nonsense!!!! i only get a smarting skin and scaly like a snake. Fortunately it's getting normal again after i stop using the product, but my black spot???????'s getting darker WHOA!!!

Now i already bored with this things, so i let it's status quo, i don't care anymore about the black spot, now i use Olay total effects for daily use, and it's comfort for my skin.......

S if you ask me how to remove the black spot on your skin? trust me there's no other way to remove it........unless maybe laser hiiiiii it's horrible.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Postcard from heaven

Actually i've been thinking that i wont go home this LEBARAN, but suddenly i received a postcard from heaven, which said that i have to see your home and show how i still care about you MOM...........

Now, i can't even imagine how can i ever think to wont see you this year? do i have been losing my mind? and it's all just because our family not in a good situation anymore.......but now i know that whatever happens, there's a place where i can always go home....To you.......Mom!!!!

And this song is for you.........

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me and loving me tonight

Somewhere out there someone's saying a prayer
That we'll find one another in that big somewhere out there

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

And even though I know how very far apart we are
It helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star

And when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby
It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky

Somewhere out there if love can see us through
Then we'll be together somewhere out there
Out where dreams come true

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pronto restaurant

Yesterday, my office held a gathering called "BUKA BERSAMA", it's a break fasting event for whole employee.

And this occasion was held at PRONTO RESTO, an all you can eat Italian Restaurant, located at Pondok Indah Mall 3rd floor next to the food court or actually maybe it's at food court.

Unfortunately not all of employee deign to come, it's only about 70 or 80 people come around. But it's still merry, almost of my friend (mostly the girl, ooooh how weird) take a lot of food and eat it!!!

Lasagna, pasta, spaghetti, sausage, ribs, chicken wing, variation of salad, pudding, fruits, soup hemmmmmmmm a lot of food man.

i start with salad, but i can't chew it because of my brace, so i skip the salad and start my bologna and continue with 1 piece of chicken wing......and finish with lasagna. Whooa, usually i'm a picky eater, and i eat in a small size, but today is different, when i see my friend eat a lot i feel like i wanna do the same thing he he.

Actually if i had to choose where to eat, maybe i will not choose this one, because the ambience is not really cozy, the tables and the chairs look so cheap, and the food taste not really good. But just because of so many friends around and they all happy and eat a lot so all of the weakness is forgettable.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pay your vehicle tax

Here in Indonesia there's an annual tax for your vehicle, and it's written on your vehicle license (STNK).

My car annual tax has to be renewed this month and change the owner name all at once (i bought this car as a second owner), i never do this by my self before, especially here in Jakarta. But since my brother is busy so i have to do it by my self.
I start searching where is the tax office or also referred as "Kantor bersama or SAMSAT" Jakarta Pusat.

From the internet i just know that SAMSAT for Center Jakarta is at Gunung Sahari, near Mangga Dua square. So that Saturday when i don't have to go to working, i drove to SAMSAT early in the morning since i know that for Saturday they only opened for half day.

The process is, i came to the front of a something like a cashier room, then i tell them that i'm gonna pay the tax and also change the owner name. They give a paper to scratch you car machine number and a white form to be filled by the officer.

I have to drive my car to the front of the officer, then he start scratching the number which placed in the front side of the machine, after that he fill out the form.

This session is finished, i move to the other side of the office and give the BPKB (Vehicle Owner Certificate) and STNK (Vehicle License Number) and the scratched paper to another locket, after this all i can do is wait, and the process is finish in hours.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Never use your handphone while it's charging

Yesterday, one of my technician was repairing some electrical problem in our client location, and it's 20 meters above the land ......then suddenly somebody call him, he spontaneously hang the phone....and then in a second bammmm! he glance off from 20 meters high with burned skin.......uh shit!!

It seems there's a high tension up there, and the phone call has activated it......uh what a pitty.....

The other worker made off him to the emergency........well i think he still lucky, he still alive, although with scald all over his body. my friends say he could be die .....

The chief technician said that, we always be careful with the electrical and handphone, never use your handphone while it's charging, otherwise the same things will happens to you WHOA!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Facility management

I've been thinking about my future, what i'm gonna do for tomorrow, for my life, to enhance my career. Since i was working in a facility management company, now i'm really interesting to learn about it more comprehensively.

Have you ever been heard about facility management?

Let me tell you a little bit about this, every organization uses buildings of some sort and their occupation incurs recurrent costs for rent, rates, cleaning, energy consumption, water, security, etc, amounting in time to more than the capital cost of creating the buildings in the first place. Facility Managers have the responsibility of ensuring that their employers’ premises assist them in fulfilling their core business objectives, retaining their capital value through appropriate maintenance, as well as obtaining value from their day-to-day operating costs. This program recognises that the facilities manager requires an understanding of business finance and management information as well as the technical areas of buildings. Emphasis is placed on understanding the strategic objectives of the organisation, and the way that facilities contribute towards their realisation.

then i start to searching about facility management pstgraduate, and what i found is, no university in Indonesia had facility management as a major. University who has a facility management major is University of Arizona in USA, Saxon university and the nearest university that i can apply is University of Malaya in Malaysia, they had a post graduate Master of science (Building) and facility management as a research area. Hemmmm well it's better then nothing i think.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Being single in a city like Jakarta, for me it's like a gate to a loneliness time......

When nothings more i can do in the office, and have no plan to hang outs with friend, when friends finish call in the phone.....hemmmm come to the empty room of your heart. Television, radio, internet.......they can't help me out of this loneliness. By the time i'm start thinking about my life, my worship activity, my mom, my career.....ahhhhhh all the sadness of my life.

But i have to fight this feeling, i have to be struggle.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My experience wearing an Orthodontic Brace

Years ago my mom was sent me to the dentist to set an orthodontic brace, yes i set it but then i feel so uncomfortable, so i release it by my self....then my teeth is getting worst.

So now i realize that i have to set it again, in my's a lot difficult, needs a longer time and more money....

I go to a dental clinic somewhere at Bendungan Hilir and i have to pay Rp 8.000.000,- for the brace, and Rp 125.000,- each control time every 2 weeks hiks hiks it's a lot money....and i have to do this for 2 years or more, OMG!!! Well nothing is cheap to be beauty yeah.

The dentist said, newest methods in orthodontic is first you don't have to yank out the teeth, only to push it to the direction you want.......after 6 months, the dentist will decide is it need to yank one or two of your tooth or not.....

First, my dentist cleaning out my teeth, then she put a liquid at my teeth surface, believe me the taste is really not good, i think it's some kind of glue to patch the brace on every single teeth. She put something like a ring at my molar, it's a main hook for all the brace, then she fasten a single little wire upon my molar, finally she put the rubber at every single brace.....DONE!

Uuuh first time i use the brace, it's really really uncomfortable, i feel a shooting pain, especially in the worst part of my teeth......when i start eating, i can't event chew it, so i didn't do it i just put the food in my mouth and swallow it he he, my eating time is getting faster now. And when i finish eating, the rest of the food hook at my brace, so i have to gargling or brush my teeth. It's really annoying when i have to eat with my friend in a restaurant.

Every 2 weeks my dentist changes the wire and the rubber.......hemmmm wellcome to Ugly Betty world.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The hardest thing in fasting

If you ask me, what is the main problem in fasting? I would answer bearing the anger!!

Yesterday was my hardest day in fasting, part of my duty at work is dealing with supplier, i got a quotation from a security system company (one of the biggest company in Indonesia), and the quotation price is more more expensive than other competitor, it's about 100 % i call the sales person only for verifying why ;
"Hi Mr Enriko, i've got your quotation for a door strike, which is more expensive than another vendor, how it's could be happens?" i asking him with a gentle and professional voice, and then he answer....."Well mam, if you got a cheaper price than us, go a head buy from another vendor!!!" Hei what the fuck with you man (heart speaking), then i answer him "No sir, i mean is that your stuff is better qualification or something?", he said "No, it's just we have more miscellaneous fee" Hemmmmm actually i really want to jump to his face and speak a dirty words, but i can't....first it's because i'm in fasting and's phone call, i can't see his joker face....Ha ha

Well fasting, fasting, fasting.........hungry and thirsty is not a challenge for me, but anger.......uh it's a big big problem.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Taraweh (a nonobligatory evening prayers during fasting month)

I never do taraweh pray for about 5 years although i'm still doing fasting and regular five times prayer.

Last night i decide to go to a mosque, somewhere in South Jakarta to do this......and you know what, i forget the order of praying in the fasting month, when somebody finishing his muezzin, people rise, i though they start to isya pray, so i do that. But then they only do this in 2 rakaat (unit), actually i start to confuse but i still finish my 4 rakaat. After that all the people sit until somebody give a command to rise then they start Isya pray.......i follow them and i just realized that i pray Isa 2 times, the first pray is have to be Tahiyatul Masjid (a 2 rakaat pray at the first time we came into the mosque)uh so pathetic i am.

That's why we have to frequently go the mosque, so you'll never forget it.

After Isya pray, there's another Tahiyatul Mesjid once more, then we start for a taraweh. But this mosque doing taraweh in 2 rakat times to 10 and finish it with 3 rakaat of witir, wow it's so weary, usually i do taraweh in 4 rakaat times 2, then finish it with 3 rakaat of witir.

The uniquely of Islam, we have different interpretation of many things.

The rude mechanic at ITC Fatmawati

One day my car is broken, the transmission is stuck so my car can't rolling back. just because my car is next to ITC Fatmawati, auto car part center in south Jakarta so i decide to repair my car at that place. It's a place where so many shop sell car part and also install it.

i see the mechanic, a grim visage old guy. i tell him about my car.......then he check my car, he found that my car need replacement for clutch, ball bearing, transmission bar, engine mounting and so on.......whoa and it's need a lot of money, i think i wanna cry.

But i have to repair it, so i give him my car key and leaving for work. Next day i see him again, still with his grim visage......when i start to ask about my car he looks like more angrier, he drop his tool with a loud voice and look so annoyed.

Suddenly i feel uncomfortable to talk with him any longer so i decide to leave, when i ride my car i found that my car is getting better in clutch part but getting worst in another part, the other part which is in good condition before now it's damaged, huh i don't know what he's been doing.

I'll never repairing my car at ITC Fatmawati anymore, never ever ever!!!!

I also buy a car shampoo, Carerra brand, things which i usually buy about Rp 9.000,- in this place they sell it Rp 15.000,- What the fuck ........

Well.....i think i'll better go to Ace Hardware to buy a stuff like this.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teaching Bahasa Indonesia for expatriate

Actually I never had an experience to teaching Bahasa before, what I’ve been doing is teaching English for kids when I’m still in college. But since I was graduated from pedagogic university so I think it’s cool for me to try.

My first student is an Indian, he is working for United Nations in Indonesia for next 6 months. He doesn’t need a complicated Bahasa, all he needs is only how to say hello, permit, how to speak to his driver, how to speak to the waiter at restaurant…….something like that.

At the first time I do it, I feel soooooooo nervous, I don’t know what to do, I buy a book from the book store to find out how to do this, the I can prepare the syllabus, but still I feel nervous.

Fortunately my student is really compromises, he help me to be relax and take it easy, I told him that it’s my first time and he’s understand.

After that…..the exercise is flowing like a water. I combine vocabulary with games, song, story telling, ……well I just find out that it’s not as freaky as I think.

And beside that…..the money is quite good for me hemmmmmmm

Now he can text me a message like this "Hai Ivy, saya mau makan siang hari ini, apakah kamu mau bergabung?" He he i think i'm a good teacher......

Looking for a job

You know what it's need a month for me to find a new job in Jakarta since i come back from Banda Aceh......i searching from every source, Jobsdb, Jobstreet, Kompas daily paper and also information from friend.

I don't like to sitting in my home and nothing to do, so i try soooo very hard to find a job. Meanwhile i also teaching Bahasa Indonesia for expatriate....or helping somebody who want to build their house, i can estimating the cost, or make a project drawing.......or anything, anything that can make money...

Then finally after 1 month.......i get a job!!!

actually not a really good job, moreover if i am thinking my last job before this is in United Nation, which is one of a biggest organization in the world, of course i can't compare my current job with my latest one, considering the salary ... hem it's take 1 week for me to spend it all ha ha, but i know that it's not easy to find a job with good salary, with comfort environment....yeah so i just try to enjoy my new job while searching a better one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Find a 'kost' in Jakarta

Just because my office is too far from where i'm living now (it's need 1,5 hours driving) which is really spent my energy, i decide to take a 'kost' place.

kost = a rent room, mostly 1 bed sitting room

Well, i just realize it's not easy to find a kost in Jakarta. the main consideration is, the kost room is has to be near to our daily activity, clean, complete and not too many rules. Off course, we need to be free...we pay for it right?

I start to search at South Jakarta area, but then i think south jakarta had a high traffic almost all day then i take a smaller area to fatmawati. i search on the internet and information from friends.

First place i found is next to D'Best Fatmawati, from D'Best you wards to Panglima Polim, about 100 meters you'll find a narrow street, you turn to the left until you find a padang restaurant....but whoa it's such a horrible place, dark, old and really miserable.....for you guys who need a place which looks like a cemetery, it's the best place to choose.

Then i see another place, it's cilandak.....from fatmawati you have to find a Dunkin Donuts, next to Dunkin Donuts there a narrow street, come to this street and go straight you'll find a boarding house.....Rp 1.250.000,-/month you get a personal bathroom, bedroom and air conditioner. it's quite good actually but i can't bear it, the matron offer me another room, a pavilion with personal bedroom, living room, bathroom and small pantry Rp 1.800.000,-/month. but i guess it's not for me, too large.

Next i found another place at Haji Nawi...a brand new house, with clean cut design....really simple. With Rp 1.050.000,-/month you get a bed room with air conditioner and laundry, the house also has a whirl pool. Just because it's feel like home to me, i choose this one. Beside that, it's only take 5 minutes to Pondok Indah Mall.

My mother is.......

My mother is my hero,she holds me tight in my worst days.
she protects me when something goes wrong.
shes always with me when i need her to be.
she cares about me like if i'm the most special person in her life.
but one day she's fade away.
and i won't have anyone to hold me tight,to always be with me or to protect me.....


Another poems for you....

You didn't always want me.
You didn't always care.
But when it came down to it,
You were always there.

I may not always thank you
For everything you do.
But I know it's out of love
and I want you to know, I love you too.

You may not be a perfect mom.
Perfect daughter, I am not.
But you should know that
I regretted each time we fought.

A Tears for Mama

Dear Mama......

Do you know that last night i cry almost all night long, just thinking of you
thinking about how i am repent to ignore you when you are here
Now you're up in the high.........
are still can see me? are happy for me?
are you happy for us.....your daughter and son who never get along each other
Always fighting in a thing.....for Dad who has his own life
Mama, do you know that i really really miss u...
Mama, tonight i feel so lonely....again like another hundreds night without you, just me my self and i.
When i go home i found an empty room and empty heart........Mom, please send me someone who can fill my loneliness, it's so cold without you showering my heart

Let the broken vow....

Tell me her name I want to know
The way she looks and where you go
I need to see her face, I need to understand
Why you and I came to an end

Tell me again I want to hear
Who broke my faith in all these years
Who lays with at night when I'm here all alone
Remembering when I was your own

I'll let you go
I'll let you fly
Why do I keep on asking why?
I'll let you go
Now that I've found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow

Tell me the words I never said
Show me the tears you never shed
Give me the chance, that one you promised to be mine
Or has it vanished for all time?

I'll let you go
I'll let fly
Why do I keep on asking why?
I'll let you go
Now that I've found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow

I close my eyes
And dream of you and I and then I realize
There's more to love than only bitterness and lies
I close my eyes

I'd give away my soul to hold you once again
And never this let this moment set

I'll let you go
I'll let you fly
Now that I know, I'm asking why

Ill let you go
Now that I've found
A way to keep somehow
More than a broken vow

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jakarta Night Life


One thing for sure that i'm really missed about Jakarta is Jakarta night life, back to Jakarta back to nightlife....

Dude, there's nothing like this in Banda Aceh he he

First time to go clubbing since i back o Jakarta is going to X2 at Senayan area....with new friends......

Then, next week end with my old friends......

But.....unfortunately i have no friend to go to my favorite place and my embassy group is no longer contact each other.....huh where are you guys going now, do ya know that i missed you all

Back to Jakarta

Here we go again...........

Back to life back to reality, it's a song i sing when my plane touch the land of Soekarno Hatta airport, here in Jakarta.

almost 7 months i didn't see Jakarta, actually nothing really change except the casablanca street in the front of United Emirat Arab embassy getting a little wider.

Now i feel a cultural shock again he in Jakarta people not greet each other, or even smile....not like in Banda Aceh, they love to smile, even to a stranger. People always in a hurry......

And the traffic....whoa welcome to the jungle!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dance with my father again

Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around 'til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved
If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end

How I'd love, love, love

To dance with my father again
When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way, I would run from her to him

He'd make me laugh just to comfort me
Then finally make me do just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me
If I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end

'Cause I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again
Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
And I'd hear how my mother cried for him
I pray for her even more than me
I pray for her even more than me
I know I'm praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don't do it usually
But dear Lord she's dying
To dance with my father again
Every night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream