Thursday, January 22, 2009

The zero point day

I don't know why i often feel a things like a zero point day. When everybody seems like ignore me, everybody want to hurt me, no one support you, you have no money, you have nothing at all.

And now i feel that things too, i see my friend had a happiness because they get an annual bonus, and i don't. My boyfriend didn't call me last night, i don't have a home to stay, i only have a small sum of money.

Sigh, looks like i have no sunshine anymore in my life

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New year eve

Actually we planned to spent the new year eve at Prontovenere at The Riztcarlton Bali Mega Kuningan Jakarta, but when i check the price whoa it's really not affordable, Rp 1.200.000,- per person not include tax hemmmm way too expensive.

So then we decide to spent the new years eve at Pepenero Italian fine dining, located at Plaza 2 Pondok indah, it's a small private restaurant, only two floor yet larger than Pepenero Menara Karya kuningan, but for me i prefer for Menara Karya than this branch. At Menara Karya the chef more friendly they occasionally come to our table to ask about how good are their menu or offering a special menu. I didn't fing the same thing here. or maybe because it's a new year eve so they are more busy than usual.

They placed too much air conditioner i think, we sat right below a high capacity air conditioner, and then in the front of us there is an air purifier spraying steamed air to our face, rrrrrrr it's so cold.

I ordered a beef steak with red wine sauce and sauteed spinach and mashed potato, at that restaurant this menu was named with a long word but i'm forget now, i think something like de chanti or whatever. But it's delicious, the meat are melted at our tongue ummmmmmm yummy, we also ordered white boyfriend order the same thing and bitterballen with sparkling water as an additional. For 2 persons we only spent 350.000,- hemmm cheap right?

one hour before 12 PM we move to The Hooi, a bar next to Pepenero........waiting for the countdown. It's a small place, only about 40 m square, designed like old tavern, with live music and high chair, so many expatriate and Indonesian girls there. We choose to sit at the back yard to avoid the smoke, because one of my friend is curently pregnant.

The waiter and waitress not wearing a uniform, their face look so tired and there no smiling at all. Yeah maybe it's a hard night for them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My wedding journal

From now on........this blog would be my wedding journal, since my beloved boyfriend proposed me a week ago...... :-)

First thing to do is decide which venue we will held our special occasion........

First we choose Bandung my hometown as our location, Monday 29th December 2008 we went to Bandung to meet my dad. we meet at Sindang Heula sundanesse restaurant. After the we surveying venues.

My friend told me that there's a gallery in Bandung which named 'Gallery Wisnu' which can be used as a wedding hall. It's located at Komplek Muara Bandung, actually it's a large house with garden, they serve venue, tent, flower and decoration, Rp 17.500.000,- for whole pacakge. But it's such too small, i think it's only enough for 500 persons only. Yet the idea for held a wedding in a place like this are unique.