Friday, March 22, 2013

Insight Kids

My son now already went to school.......after searching by google and some information from friend we finally send him to Insight Kids school at Ampang.

This is actually not a real school, it is only a small playing group where maximum only 4 child per class. what made me interested with this school is because it offer psychological clinic as well, so we expect that the teacher will understand my son better than any ordinary teacher.

If i am not made a mistake, i pay around 2.800 for one term, it is quite good compare to any other school with same quality.

Until now he already spent 2 and a half month there, i see a lot of progress, he is now more talkative even though  his pronunciation is not much better but his vocabulary is increased a lot.

Before he is registered to this school, our son is really active but not willing to talk. He even not always respond when we trying to call him. That is why when i visit a pediatrician in one of a famous expensive and exclusive maternity hospital in South Jakarta Indonesia, the pediatric said that something problem with him so then she give a recommendation letter for me to bring him to an autism specialist. However, i didn't trust her so i just ignore the recommendation letter although of course i search a lot of information about autism. But since then i found out that the autism sign is not shown at my son except the fact that he often not responding if we call him so i feel better, i just give him more time.

But now he is really ok, he always respond when someone call him, he also try to communicate with everybody, and the important thing is he always happy to go to school.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trip to Hangzhou [2]

At 10 PM the airplane landed at Hangzhou, there is one "almost embarrassed incident" happen. I ordered one Nasi Lemak meal on board, it's completed with sambal (traditional chili sauce) i don't think that it is too spicy so i just eat it without any consideration, however right after the pilot announced that the airplane is about to landing, i feel a nature calling from my stomach, it's an immediate emergency calling, Oh My God i don't know what to do, no one is allowed to enter toilet during landing, i hold the hand rail tightly while praying to God that i can pass this horrible situation. I realize a passenger beside me notice my condition, but i think he might guess that i am just too scared for landing. After pray with sweating body for 30 minutes, the plane finally safely landed and i burst to the stair and run as fast as i can to reach the airport toilet. Thanks God i am did it, landing safely at the closet, pyuuuuh. I think from now on I'll never eat any spicy food on board, noooo wayyyy.

After fixing my appearance, hair, clothes, face etc i off to the immigration officer, nothing really matter in the gate. After pass out the immigration officer i walk to the exit gate, i saw so many people stand outside with a piece of paper on their hand, i search Xiang face but no result, maybe she is late so i decided to sit. I sat next to 5 Malaysian girls, i recognized them from their language and their attire, i guess they are a group of student.

30 minutes passed Xiang still not shown, i began to worry, i look surrounding with hope to find any of communication devices so i can contact her, but no result so i return to my chair. 10 minutes later finally she's come with her sister i feel so happy, Xiang and her sister really look similar each other. We are then proceed to parking lot, XIang sister's drove a hyundai to downtown.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A trip to Hangzhou

I am now study in one of international university here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, as an international student i have a chance to meet a lot of friends from around the world. One of them is Xiang who is originally from Hangzhou China.

Last January when we have winter break semester, she invited me to visit her hometown, since i think it is the best time to go, when i can have a chance to experience snow falling, and being frozen in winter which of course i never felt before so i decided to go.

There is direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hangzhou using Airasia, the ticket is quite cheap 1.200 MYR, maybe around USD 400 with 20 kg baggage. It is actually high season since so many Chinese Malaysian are go back to their big family home town in China, maybe during off season it would be a lot cheaper.

I choose to flight on Monday evening, i am off from my home on 2 PM, my 2 years old son crying so hard when he see me packed with a big luggage, i think he is understood that i will go for a long time.

When i arrived to LCCT airport i still have a lot of time, i do killing time with "people watching" waiting room is side by side with passenger to Kathmandu, I notice there are a lot of Chinese face but with dark skin who are going to Kathmandu, Nepal. I cannot conclude who they are exactly, maybe Chinese or maybe Nepalese.