Monday, June 9, 2008



Sunting is a ceremonial prior to the wedding for the bride………it’s an Acehnese culture, aimed to give the bride safety and welfare.

First they serve a water, rice, and so on in a unique container……then the bride parents start the ceremony with splashing the water to the bride, and the rice while they speech a benediction for the bride ……then they feed a small sum of rice to the bride. Last they give the bride some of money in the envelope.

Then another time-honoured persons continue the ceremony with doing the same thing.

After that, the bride prepared for anai………it’s like tattooing in her hands and foot. It’s done by an Anai artist……usually it’s take Rp 200.000,- for three times painting. The bride has to laying down on a bed for the whole process and until the next morning.

To support this ceremony, the guests which is mostly their neighbors is coming by and bring something, like sugar, rice, or egg. They bring in a container packed with a piece of cloth.

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