Thursday, December 25, 2008



I finally paid by blogsvertise........i already get job from blogsvertise twice, it's from Grab Bag Task (GBT) and after 1 month awaiting, they really's $ 7,5 ha ha, only a little bit money but it's hillarious because i finally believe that we really can get money from blogging.

Actually it's not the first time for me to earn money from the internet, i ever try in Paid to Click program, but it's takes a loooooooong time, takes about 4 months to get $ 5,5.....such a long time hah?

I just don't understand why i've heard so many people can get a lot of money from the internet, i don't know how, because from my experience, i didn't get a lot of task from Blogsvertise, or Smorty......

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