Sunday, January 4, 2009

My wedding journal

From now on........this blog would be my wedding journal, since my beloved boyfriend proposed me a week ago...... :-)

First thing to do is decide which venue we will held our special occasion........

First we choose Bandung my hometown as our location, Monday 29th December 2008 we went to Bandung to meet my dad. we meet at Sindang Heula sundanesse restaurant. After the we surveying venues.

My friend told me that there's a gallery in Bandung which named 'Gallery Wisnu' which can be used as a wedding hall. It's located at Komplek Muara Bandung, actually it's a large house with garden, they serve venue, tent, flower and decoration, Rp 17.500.000,- for whole pacakge. But it's such too small, i think it's only enough for 500 persons only. Yet the idea for held a wedding in a place like this are unique.

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