Thursday, January 22, 2009

The zero point day

I don't know why i often feel a things like a zero point day. When everybody seems like ignore me, everybody want to hurt me, no one support you, you have no money, you have nothing at all.

And now i feel that things too, i see my friend had a happiness because they get an annual bonus, and i don't. My boyfriend didn't call me last night, i don't have a home to stay, i only have a small sum of money.

Sigh, looks like i have no sunshine anymore in my life

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obrinarika said...

hi dreamlover..
u know what..i often felt like that sometimes..but someone ever written me this following....
"someday the sun will shine on u, someday your dreams may all come true..keep on smilin', keep on laughin' someone loves u.."

just keep on dreamin'