Monday, May 12, 2008

Rangkong Badak


When I’m going to a Café at Lamphuuk Banda Aceh near to the beach, I found that they conserve a big bird in their yard.

I take a picture and sent it to a bird lover forum on the internet to find out what kind of bird it is. Some one told me that it’s a Rangkong Badak Bird (Buceros rhinoceross) I don’t know whether he is right or wrong, still I want to display this in my blog because of their beautifully and i guess not much people know about this bird. isn't we have to promote our natural capital.

You know what it’s really hard to take his picture because he love to attack someone a near (even thought he only a bean eater) still I feel so scare (how if he peck me?)

So here we go the closest picture that I can take, I think he (or she) is quite beautiful, his body is bigger than chicken, and I thought he is hard to fly considering the weight of their body.

From he web that I read this bird is conserve by law, love to eat fig bean so when they live in the wild jungle, this bird deserving to the jungle ecosystem which is the fig bean in their feces will spread everywhere the a new fig tree will grow. This bird is only live in Sumatera forest, Malaysia and Sulawesi.

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