Monday, April 28, 2008

Sun shining

Since i came to Banda Aceh, my religious life has i wake up earlier in the morning to take a Shubuh Pray. In consequence i have a new is take a break of day picture from my house tower, it's quite cool, i see how Banda Aceh wake up and staring their new day, including me of course. then i'm going to my loved office, and memorizing how Banda Aceh prepare to sleep while i'm on the trip to go home with my mobile phone camera.

I think i loved Banda Aceh already, i remember how i feel so stressed when i'm going to my office when i'm still living in Jakarta, the high traffic started from my home access road, Oh My God........then i spent about one and a half hours facing the traffic. With anger and snappish, when i just come to the office, my staff start to reporting any complaint for our customer WHOA.....whereas i still so tired with the trip.

And now here i am, at Banda Aceh......wake up at 6.30 PM, take a pray, go bath and going to the office which only take 20 minutes with traffic free. when i just come to the office, i take my breakfast first for about 30 minutes then start to work with such a wonderful career life. To bad i only have 2 months left to live. my office will no longer exist in Indonesia because the mission is almost over. i'm gonna missed Banda Aceh.

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TM said...

its hard to say that your beautiful life in banda aceh ruined by the unpleasant tragedy next to the banda aceh post office. but i still hoping that you could remember the good memories and keep it in your hard.anyway, life is not a simple path..thanks for writting such a beautiful stories about aceh...hope you visit us again to banda aceh. :)