Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trip to Hangzhou [2]

At 10 PM the airplane landed at Hangzhou, there is one "almost embarrassed incident" happen. I ordered one Nasi Lemak meal on board, it's completed with sambal (traditional chili sauce) i don't think that it is too spicy so i just eat it without any consideration, however right after the pilot announced that the airplane is about to landing, i feel a nature calling from my stomach, it's an immediate emergency calling, Oh My God i don't know what to do, no one is allowed to enter toilet during landing, i hold the hand rail tightly while praying to God that i can pass this horrible situation. I realize a passenger beside me notice my condition, but i think he might guess that i am just too scared for landing. After pray with sweating body for 30 minutes, the plane finally safely landed and i burst to the stair and run as fast as i can to reach the airport toilet. Thanks God i am did it, landing safely at the closet, pyuuuuh. I think from now on I'll never eat any spicy food on board, noooo wayyyy.

After fixing my appearance, hair, clothes, face etc i off to the immigration officer, nothing really matter in the gate. After pass out the immigration officer i walk to the exit gate, i saw so many people stand outside with a piece of paper on their hand, i search Xiang face but no result, maybe she is late so i decided to sit. I sat next to 5 Malaysian girls, i recognized them from their language and their attire, i guess they are a group of student.

30 minutes passed Xiang still not shown, i began to worry, i look surrounding with hope to find any of communication devices so i can contact her, but no result so i return to my chair. 10 minutes later finally she's come with her sister i feel so happy, Xiang and her sister really look similar each other. We are then proceed to parking lot, XIang sister's drove a hyundai to downtown.

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