Friday, March 22, 2013

Insight Kids

My son now already went to school.......after searching by google and some information from friend we finally send him to Insight Kids school at Ampang.

This is actually not a real school, it is only a small playing group where maximum only 4 child per class. what made me interested with this school is because it offer psychological clinic as well, so we expect that the teacher will understand my son better than any ordinary teacher.

If i am not made a mistake, i pay around 2.800 for one term, it is quite good compare to any other school with same quality.

Until now he already spent 2 and a half month there, i see a lot of progress, he is now more talkative even though  his pronunciation is not much better but his vocabulary is increased a lot.

Before he is registered to this school, our son is really active but not willing to talk. He even not always respond when we trying to call him. That is why when i visit a pediatrician in one of a famous expensive and exclusive maternity hospital in South Jakarta Indonesia, the pediatric said that something problem with him so then she give a recommendation letter for me to bring him to an autism specialist. However, i didn't trust her so i just ignore the recommendation letter although of course i search a lot of information about autism. But since then i found out that the autism sign is not shown at my son except the fact that he often not responding if we call him so i feel better, i just give him more time.

But now he is really ok, he always respond when someone call him, he also try to communicate with everybody, and the important thing is he always happy to go to school.

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