Thursday, March 7, 2013

A trip to Hangzhou

I am now study in one of international university here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, as an international student i have a chance to meet a lot of friends from around the world. One of them is Xiang who is originally from Hangzhou China.

Last January when we have winter break semester, she invited me to visit her hometown, since i think it is the best time to go, when i can have a chance to experience snow falling, and being frozen in winter which of course i never felt before so i decided to go.

There is direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hangzhou using Airasia, the ticket is quite cheap 1.200 MYR, maybe around USD 400 with 20 kg baggage. It is actually high season since so many Chinese Malaysian are go back to their big family home town in China, maybe during off season it would be a lot cheaper.

I choose to flight on Monday evening, i am off from my home on 2 PM, my 2 years old son crying so hard when he see me packed with a big luggage, i think he is understood that i will go for a long time.

When i arrived to LCCT airport i still have a lot of time, i do killing time with "people watching" waiting room is side by side with passenger to Kathmandu, I notice there are a lot of Chinese face but with dark skin who are going to Kathmandu, Nepal. I cannot conclude who they are exactly, maybe Chinese or maybe Nepalese.

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