Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Diwana Cakra Donya

Diwana Cakra Donya

Diwana cakra donya is an event which held by Aceh tourism board. Here was held exhibition and art performance. Traditional housing from whole region of Nangroe Aceh Daroesalam is exhibited, completed with their traditional food, dais on which the bridal couple sits, anything about marriage party kits, craft etc.

In the open air area built a temporary booth which selling food, clothes, toys……

one booth is offering Inai (a hand painting at hand palm, which is originally to signing a newly married women).

In some areas, built many stages………small stages was built at about four location which spread in whole event area, and the big one is built in the main area. At every stage, performed many art performing, like singing, dancing, and also music band.

At this chance, I saw Seudati dance in small stage, I just know that actually it’s a competition……..the contestant was sent from whole Aceh Region.

Like most Aceh dance……….Seudati is a dance which performed by eight young man who wearing songket, selendang, and Rencong (Aceh’s traditional weapon) in their waist. They dance without any music accompaniment. While they dancing, two Syekh is singing, and sometimes the dancer answer the song. The song is talking about religion, culture and current situation. In some part, the audience seem enthusiast to hear what they sang……maybe when they talk about current situation (I don’t understand Aceh language).

Then I move to the main stage…there was held a performing art too, but it’s not a competition, it’s totally performance art. The stage is bigger and fully decorated . I saw Saman dance, Panyot Rato Galo Dance (if I don’t make a mistake), and many dance which I forget the name.

And my favorite is Panyot Rato Galo, Panyot is a kerosene lamp made from tin and fuse, and galo is a fish net. The dance was performed by eight girls which bring panyot in their hands, along dancing, the panyot is flare up. In the middle time, they put the panyot and take a rope from their waist then while they dancing dancing they make some difficult move then POP!!! suddenly the Galo was made. I love this dance because it’s a little bit different with another dance, because the property and the music………they dance not only with the song from the singer but also there’s a tabla and something like a horn played.

But too bad the event is conduct in a late night so now I am really sleepy……………


awancool said...

is it diwana or diwala ?
nice blogs anyway...

Ivy Octa said...

he he anda benar yang bener diwana, dah diedit tuh, thx ya