Monday, April 14, 2008

a kite runner

Kite Runner……a novel by Khaled Hossaeni

It’s a great book, a story about unlimited devotion from Hasan (a hazarat) to Amir (a pashtun). This book tell us about how Afghanistan being living in feudalism from along years ago before they get in a war, where a hazarat (Syiah moslem) is divine as a servant for Pashtun (Sunni Moslem), a hazarat have no right to go school or doing anything to improve their life, their whole live is to serve and sacrifice for pashtun.
And the kite, is a magic thing which represent anything, love, immolation........
Then, about their war, I’m so confuse why so many party want to domineer Afghanistan, North alliances then United States and conflict between Afghanistan themselves.
But as far as i remember, in the beginning part Asef (the antagonist personage) dad is told as an air man (aircraft pilot) who is in my opinion is must be someone tall and muscular, but then in Amir birthday party Asef Dad was define as a small and miserable man......i don't know maybe i just wrong in interpreting these.
For me, this whole book is Great but totally somber.

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