Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Next Day

Not a big surprise when i found that it's really hard to find a temporary resident in Banda Aceh, especially a cheap one.
I need one day full to find it, finally i found. Such really a horrible place. A 9 m2 bed room with thin wood as a separator to another room, i can even heard someone breath in the next room. My matron not serving anything except a thin foam mattress, uuh what a pitty.
The worst thing is the bath room, with cement floor and gray water and smell like a mud. the water will keep
you dirty even though you take a shower three times a day.
And for this cool pl
ace i have to pay 300.000 rupiahs/month.

I spend the next one month to looking for a better place to stay, after talking with my new friend at the office finally i found it. a complete bedroom with bed, suitcase, table and even Wifi!!!
The most i thankfull for this place is their pure water, now i can take bath and get neat and clean.
And for
this new place i pay only a little bit expensive from the old one, i truly don't understand about this.

As a big city girl (i spend my last ten years at Jakarta after Bandung), i need to find anything to entertain my self. second day at Banda Aceh i mean to watch a movie or something, but wow Banda Aceh have no cinema, the one and only cinema has been closed after Tsunami and never opened a
nymore. But they have a Cd store which sale dvd, i noted my self i have to buy a notebook (what kind of life without this thing?).

Then i go arou
nd again hope i found something, then i see a billiard club. But no girl play a pool in Banda Aceh, it's a men's game here.

Maybe a mall!!! last time in Jakarta, when i have nothing to do i just going to the mall and i can spent my 6 or 7 hours there. But ..... again, here is no Mall. The biggest shopping center is a 3 floor building which sale clothes, and daily needs like food and amenities.

Then i decide to going home and sleep..........

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