Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Living in Banda Aceh

One of my dream is,

going to another place, away from my hometown for free and in fact i get paid WOW!!!!!
and suddenly i got that chance. Not go abroad, only going to another island, Banda Aceh.
Banda Aceh is
about four hours flight from my hometown Bandung.
i've hired by an international organization to be one of their engineer

The first time i saw Banda Aceh from the plane, i see a lust tree in their forest and many Tsunami scrapt still there. What i've think is "could I living in this town?"
From the airport to downtown is such a long straight quite street. with not much vehicle or housing, next time i know that Banda Aceh is about too large for their people (consider about
the tsunami and earthquake who take hundred thousand Aceh inhabitant).

5 hours in Banda Aceh i just know that i have to wearing a 'Jilbab', actually jilbab is something that every moslem girl have to wear and it's written in Al Qur'an but just because in my hometown we have no human law which will judge us if we're not wearing this so not much people love to wear this, including me of course. but here, there's WH who will check are
we people wearing this in public area or they will take us to their pick up car and show us to Banda Aceh people like we are a criminal :-).

When we're flight with a cheap Air company....we get no lunch or something to eat, not even a finger snack, that's why the first thing to do when i landed in this 'Makkah Porch' is looking for food.

The first restaurant i found is Aceh Rayeuk, with their special menu is Ayam Tangkap. Which is a chicken in small pieces combine with crisp temburu leaves, pandan leaves and chilie all fried until it's crunchy. I think it's a unique and delicious, i love it.

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