Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lhoong waterfalls

no cinema, no pool, no mall, no friend, HOMESICK .....i think i'm going die here.

But suddenly my colleague at my office ask me to go to a place called Lhoong waterfalls. considering about that i have nothing to do in my spare time so i agree to go.

It's about one and a half hours journey, lacing beach side and crossing the river which will flew to the sea. Here i see how tsunami wave is higher than most building there, it's remain on coral on the beach. And how a former hotel is now only a rock foundation left.

There's an international organization build a great street to calang, next town after Banda Aceh.

I see Andalas cement factory too, with their machines and great vehicles i felt like come to an industrial city.

A long road, rising curve, twist and turn with a beautiful view in the right side. We can see sea and green mountain at one blast. Pretty cool......

Now here we go....
Lhoong waterfalls is still natural, i think no one manage this place as a tourism destination professionally. But for me, it's a great place.....with their cool water and the rock and anything. this time i decide to love Banda Aceh.

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