Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The anger management

I was known as a 'never angry girl'

But the truth is, i always restrain the anger. Deep down in my heart i feel angry........but i just can't express my anger.

But yesterday was different, i finally let my anger out, i'm yelling to my colleague at my office. I currently working as an estimator engineer, which my task is reviewing projects collected by Project Coordinators, i do re-calculate the price and the specification of a project properly. Since i was working in a facility management for a bank, the projects is always a minor project but plenty. And i have to reviewing projects for all over Indonesia. Actually it's not a difficult job but takes time, And yesterday one of my Project Coordinator push me to concern about her project, and currently i have a lot of task to do.......but she keep pushing it and pushing and pushing until i finally blowing top...

I started yelling and tell her that i always do my best, i am working as fast and as propper as i can. And surprisingly ........... after i let my anger it's really feel good, something that i always restrain is good to release...........sigh.......

And what i found is, my colaegue get more appreciated me now ha ha ha..... it's good.

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