Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jakarta's Restaurant

Since i have a relationship with a man who really love to eat, now i have a new activity........visiting many restaurants. Let's make a list where i've eat with him and like it..........
But don't make it as a refference because i have an eating disorder.

American Grill..........
This restaurant also known as Sizzler, their main menu is steak, they serve appetizer and desert for free, i think the ice cream are nice.
we choose Menteng Branch.......located near to Keris Department store, i choose a tenderloin steak........i think it's not as tasty as i remember, i've been here about a year ago.

Duck King.........
Located at Pondok Indah Mall, they serve chinesse food........we order Duck, Lazy Fish (Ikan Malas) and prawn.......but i don't like duck, and the fish.......uuuugh i don't like it too because it's looks so wet, fortunately i order the prawn, because for me the prawn is the best. My boyfriend said the duck and the fish is soooooo's the best in town

Located at Blok's a Japanesse all you can eat restaurant, they serve shabu-shabu, tepanyaki, chicken triyaki, and so on. Every tables have their own grill and boiler. Everyone can take their own meat and grill by your self.

Sushi Tei
Located at Pondok Indah Mall, it's a raw food Japanese restaurant, they also serve food at a carousel, so if you don't like to wait you can take your food by your self. They serve Sushi and sashimi like Dragon Roll, Ikura Gunkan, etc. Since i don't like sushi, for me, there's nothing special with this restaurant.

Ikan Bakar Kalimantan
We go to this restaurant to celebrate my boyfriend friend birthday, it's located at outskirt area, Cimanggis Depok, near Cibubur. It's a restaurant which serve freshwater fish like Gurame, shrimp, calamary, etc. They also serve lalapan ( a fresh raw vegetable, serve with sambal - Indonesian traditional sauce) and Karedok (fresh raw vegetables with peanut sauce)'s Sundanese traditional food. This restaurant are so over crowd, actually the food are so tastefull, but if we considered the distance form the down town, i have no idea why people come that far for this restaurant.

Kepiting Asap
Located at Jalan Panjang Green Ville West Jakarta, they serve smoked king crab. We can choose the crab by our selves. There are two kind of crab, it's a male and female (i don't know the appropiate term) the male have more muscle, and the female have an eggs inside. Side dish are Kangkung Cha, Fried tofu, Oxtail Soup, etc, they also serve fresh coconut as a beverages. The crabs are so fresh and yummy, i like this restaurant.

To be continued...............

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