Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Due to the global crisis, many company look so of my boyfriend client company do the same thing, they are a real estate company who develop an integrated city at Jakarta outskirt, now they had a plan to that's so horrible, because as i know they are a big company with a great cash flow.

My company client also panic, they are an international bank, they do retrenchment at every division, it's effected to their requirement to my company, since my company is the outsource company for their facility management, they starting asking about why it's cost this high? why it's need to repair? how much a good cost for repair this and bla bla bla, Although they are the most healthy bank in Indonesia i guess, because i heard they had do acquisition many national bank in Indonesia. So i think they don't have to that panic.

In my opinion, the circumstance will getting worse when more company get panic. I heard Indonesian government applied a new rule in foreign exchange trading, i think it's a good step to help Rupiah rate, and eventually it will help real sector. But well i'm not an economist, so actually i'm not really understand about it.

At last, this situation make me feel so scared, actually i have a plan to search for a new job before, but when i see the earlier situation in Indonesia and global economic which is so unpredictable, better i consider it again. Sigh!!!!

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