Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another car crash

Yesterday was my bad day ........

I woke up and feel sooooooo bad, i call my boyfriend he still sleep, but i have to go Gambir railway station to pick up my cousin.

I don't know why i so hard to find that Gambir railway Station although i already in Monas Area, and i know that Gambir is next to Monas. But i think i am really bad in mapping.......i take almost 1 hours go arround Monas area until almost frustrated. Thank God i finally found it.

After picked up my cousin and drop her at my sister house, i mean to go back to my home. When i started my car engine, i didn't notice that there's a 80 cm height wall in front of my car, i just trod on the accelerator and Brakkk!!!! my car crash on that wall......Woa i think i losing my mind.

I check the car and i see my car body was damaged and the steer is bent, hiks.........

When i take my car to the car shed, the mechanic said that the shock absorber and the axle was bent and have to replace....hem it's need a lot of money, so to counter this i just spooring and balancing the wheel as an emergency action. Now i can drive my car again with a slow speed.

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