Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Carita Beach

Have been 4 years living in Jakarta, it's the first time for me to visit Carita Beach. Last Saturday i went there with my boyfriend and his friends.

Carita beach is located at Banten province, near Anyer beach. About 200 km from Jakarta west-bound.

We start at 4 PM from my friend house, since we are seven persons so we wont fit in my car or my friends car either, so we borrow my friend dad's car which is a SUV. We stop at a gasoline station and in a mini market to buy snacks. But we couldn't find a beer so we decide to buy it at Anyer.

About next 3 hours, we arrived at Banten down town, we decide to stop by to have a dinner. we choose 'Pawon Desa', it's a Sundanesse restaurant, and managed by 'Bumbu Desa' restaurant, one of a famous restaurant in Jakarta. Actually the food are not really special, just like any other Sundanesse restaurant, but the price is quite cheap, for six person we just spent Rp 160.000,-.

Then we continue the journey, for a tourist destination, i think Banten not provide a comport acces, the street are dark and broken..........
at Anyer we keep looking for a beer, i don't understand why when we really mean to look for something, it's suddenly disappear, it's hard to find a beer......fortunately, in the front of a karaoke club we found it at a simple shop, same like any other retail shop without any sign.

It takes one hours from Anyer to Carita, at 10 PM we arrive at Kondominium Lippo Carita, where we will stay tonight. It's a 4 level clustered condominium, every level have a condominium with 3 or 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and a terrace viewing to the beach. We get a condo at second level.

We spent that night playing a 21 cards with a small bet, actually only for fun, because at the end of the game we turn the money back.

Early in the morning, my friend and i looking something for breakfast, we found it at Wira Carita restaurant, actually there's a lot of food huckster selling something like Nasi Uduk, Nasi goreng, or lontong, but my boyfriend don't like it. So we ride our car to Wira restaurant which is a lot expensive for me, because we spent Rp 200.000 only for breakfast.

After take a breakfast me and my friend went to the beach, we rent a body board, it's Rp 10.000,- per session, you can play as long as you want. The rule of this game is ride the surf......i think it's look like a simple surfing, i can do this game perfectly, i jump to the wave and ride it through the beach, maybe because i'm so skinny....it's really fun, but my boyfriend can't do this at all, he looks like an anchor jump straight to the bottom.

Then we riding a banana boat, actually from the first i feel so scared but i'm tempted to try so i'm insist, we onlysix because my boyfriend don't want to join , he only take a picture from the speed boat. First we ride the speed boat to the middle, then we move to the banana boat, then the speedboat pulling the banana boat. it's began in a slow speed, but the they accelerate the speed, and at some point the speed boat suddenly turn over so we trowed to the side, Wooow we all jump to the sea.......it's shocking but it's fun.

At 4 Pm, we go back to Jakarta, hem such a fun weekend.........i love it.

Foto taken from pantaicarita.blogspot

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