Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jakarta,s Restaurant Part two........

Ranch Market
Actually it's a daily market which sell fresh vegetables, meat and daily needs, but they also providing a ready to eat meal. Located at Margaguna street next to Pondok Indah Mall.
We can choose any kind of meat and ask them to cook it for us. My boyfriend choose Wagyu and i choose Australian rib eye.......first thing that i found is it's really hard to find a table to seat........and then after that they take a loooooooooong time to serve the food. Usually i eat at Ranch Market at Oakwood building in Mega Kuningan, and i didn't find this problem at that branch.

Abuba Steak
It's a huge steak restaurant which placed at Cipete area next to Pangeran Antasari, the menus are Sirloin, tenderloin, sausage, fillet, etc. They started from a small steak restaurant, and then they became famous and getting bigger. The price are really cheap, ranged from Rp 35.000,- until Rp 60.000,- but i don't like the ambience, and the service are poor, we wait too long to served. And for me, the taste are just so so.

Tomodachi cafe
Located at Bellagio Boutique Mall at Mega Kuningan, it's my favorite place to lunch, not because they are special but just because my office are only 2 floor above them.
They served european food like steak, my favorite is Tomodachi beef steak with mash pottato, and Indonesian food like oxtail soup, Balinese Ayam betutu, or biterballen as side dish and various kind of cakes as a dessert, my favorite is Strawberry cheese cakes. The price for main menu are ranged from 27.000 - 65.000.

Golden Jade
Also located at Bellagio Boutique mall, Ground floor, it's a Chinese restaurant. Nothing special in this restaurant, just like any other Chinese restaurant, serving dimsum, porridge, noodles.......

Was known as "TRATTORIA", it's an Italian fine dining located at Menara Karya Building in HR Rasuna Said street South Jakarta........i was ordered meatloaf, the taste are really really good......maybe it's the best for me, with olive and mashed potato, hemmmm can't forget the taste. Actually i'm really tempting to try the cesar salad, but too bad i was forget to tell the chef to don't put a bacon on it since i'm a moslem. So i order and not eat that salad.
They also serve various bread and chips, and it's all in the house for bread and chips. But just like any other fine dining, it's quite expensive (at least for me....:-), for 4 persons we paid Rp 1.200.000,- man it's a lot of money for me...........

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