Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homey Treats

It's a cute blog with pink lay out ..............and when i explore it,
it's contents are about home interior, like furnishing, Christmas accessories, bedroom, bathroom, etc......quite interesting.

One of my favorite design is.....this one

By the way.....are you guys believe in feng shui?

I do believe, here i'll give you a tips about coloring your bed according to feng shui :

If you are a famous person, maybe you will tempted to painting your room with red to increase your popularity, instead of popular you can't sleep well, why? because Red is included to Yang and sleep are Yin, you better placed a red dolls or red cushion and paint your bedroom with a soft color.

another way in choosing color for a bed room is choosing colors which can increase element quality of your birth. As we know feng shui grouping the element of human birth into some sections like, water, wood, fire, land, and metal. Someone who have a water as a dominant element will feel comfort to choose blue as a color for her bedroom, but the side effect of that color will make she less dynamics. She can add something to balancing her dominant element like add green as a wood, pink for fire, something like that.

Choosing a color for kids bedroom become more complicated, because we have to remember that a bed room for kids are not only for sleep but also as a play ground, choose a pale color will not developed their creativity.

HomeY Treats

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