Thursday, October 30, 2008

Aerosmith night at The Rocks Cafe

Last night when i ready to sleep, my friend ring me and ask me to go to the rock cafe because that night they held an Aerosmith night event.

Actually i feel slack to go since i already laying in my bed, listening a lullaby song and moreover tomorrow is a work day, But then my boyfriend ask me too and my friend insist me so i go.

The Rock cafe is a bar with live music, placed at basement floor Grand Flora Hotel Kemang South Jakarta. It was established and owned by Ahmad Dhani, one of Indonesia's top musician.

The entry ticket valued Rp 100.000,- included one glass of beer or soft drink. The opening act by a new comer band, i don't even remember the name of the band, they play a music sounds like pop music, something like Sheila on 7 band with a little masculine touch. After that, the second band are 'Janice', it's a band with a 2 kids housewife as a singer and Janice is name of the vocalist. The last one before 'Aerosmith' ferformed is another band.....i don't remember the name too, it's a band with 1 male vocalist and 2 girls vocalist , they play the best of you by Foo Fighter and Genie in the bottle rock version. Overall, the worst ferformance is Janice band, i have no idea why the event organizer choose a band like Hannah Montana band (with an old lady as a vocalist) show at a Rocking cafe.
From second band until the third band, the audience start get bored and snappish, they start yelling and ask the band to stop singing.

Fortunately, the last band are quite good, it's a mix musician from several top band in Indonesia, like Jikun /RIF, Adi Powerslave, Ipang, etc so i'm not really upset. First song was ruined by a bad soundmixer, but then the sound man can encounter the problem. They played, Amazing (my favourite), Jaded, Crazy.......yeah i think they are good enough.

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