Thursday, September 4, 2008

Find a 'kost' in Jakarta

Just because my office is too far from where i'm living now (it's need 1,5 hours driving) which is really spent my energy, i decide to take a 'kost' place.

kost = a rent room, mostly 1 bed sitting room

Well, i just realize it's not easy to find a kost in Jakarta. the main consideration is, the kost room is has to be near to our daily activity, clean, complete and not too many rules. Off course, we need to be free...we pay for it right?

I start to search at South Jakarta area, but then i think south jakarta had a high traffic almost all day then i take a smaller area to fatmawati. i search on the internet and information from friends.

First place i found is next to D'Best Fatmawati, from D'Best you wards to Panglima Polim, about 100 meters you'll find a narrow street, you turn to the left until you find a padang restaurant....but whoa it's such a horrible place, dark, old and really miserable.....for you guys who need a place which looks like a cemetery, it's the best place to choose.

Then i see another place, it's cilandak.....from fatmawati you have to find a Dunkin Donuts, next to Dunkin Donuts there a narrow street, come to this street and go straight you'll find a boarding house.....Rp 1.250.000,-/month you get a personal bathroom, bedroom and air conditioner. it's quite good actually but i can't bear it, the matron offer me another room, a pavilion with personal bedroom, living room, bathroom and small pantry Rp 1.800.000,-/month. but i guess it's not for me, too large.

Next i found another place at Haji Nawi...a brand new house, with clean cut design....really simple. With Rp 1.050.000,-/month you get a bed room with air conditioner and laundry, the house also has a whirl pool. Just because it's feel like home to me, i choose this one. Beside that, it's only take 5 minutes to Pondok Indah Mall.

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Anonymous said...

can i ask where you found the second kost? i mean the one near dunkin donuts with a kitchen, the 1.8 one? i'm also looking for one- thanks