Monday, September 8, 2008

Taraweh (a nonobligatory evening prayers during fasting month)

I never do taraweh pray for about 5 years although i'm still doing fasting and regular five times prayer.

Last night i decide to go to a mosque, somewhere in South Jakarta to do this......and you know what, i forget the order of praying in the fasting month, when somebody finishing his muezzin, people rise, i though they start to isya pray, so i do that. But then they only do this in 2 rakaat (unit), actually i start to confuse but i still finish my 4 rakaat. After that all the people sit until somebody give a command to rise then they start Isya pray.......i follow them and i just realized that i pray Isa 2 times, the first pray is have to be Tahiyatul Masjid (a 2 rakaat pray at the first time we came into the mosque)uh so pathetic i am.

That's why we have to frequently go the mosque, so you'll never forget it.

After Isya pray, there's another Tahiyatul Mesjid once more, then we start for a taraweh. But this mosque doing taraweh in 2 rakat times to 10 and finish it with 3 rakaat of witir, wow it's so weary, usually i do taraweh in 4 rakaat times 2, then finish it with 3 rakaat of witir.

The uniquely of Islam, we have different interpretation of many things.

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