Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teaching Bahasa Indonesia for expatriate

Actually I never had an experience to teaching Bahasa before, what I’ve been doing is teaching English for kids when I’m still in college. But since I was graduated from pedagogic university so I think it’s cool for me to try.

My first student is an Indian, he is working for United Nations in Indonesia for next 6 months. He doesn’t need a complicated Bahasa, all he needs is only how to say hello, permit, how to speak to his driver, how to speak to the waiter at restaurant…….something like that.

At the first time I do it, I feel soooooooo nervous, I don’t know what to do, I buy a book from the book store to find out how to do this, the I can prepare the syllabus, but still I feel nervous.

Fortunately my student is really compromises, he help me to be relax and take it easy, I told him that it’s my first time and he’s understand.

After that…..the exercise is flowing like a water. I combine vocabulary with games, song, story telling, ……well I just find out that it’s not as freaky as I think.

And beside that…..the money is quite good for me hemmmmmmm

Now he can text me a message like this "Hai Ivy, saya mau makan siang hari ini, apakah kamu mau bergabung?" He he i think i'm a good teacher......

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