Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The hardest thing in fasting

If you ask me, what is the main problem in fasting? I would answer bearing the anger!!

Yesterday was my hardest day in fasting, part of my duty at work is dealing with supplier, i got a quotation from a security system company (one of the biggest company in Indonesia), and the quotation price is more more expensive than other competitor, it's about 100 % more.......so i call the sales person only for verifying why ;
"Hi Mr Enriko, i've got your quotation for a door strike, which is more expensive than another vendor, how it's could be happens?" i asking him with a gentle and professional voice, and then he answer....."Well mam, if you got a cheaper price than us, go a head buy from another vendor!!!" Hei what the fuck with you man (heart speaking), then i answer him "No sir, i mean is that your stuff is better qualification or something?", he said "No, it's just we have more miscellaneous fee" Hemmmmm actually i really want to jump to his face and speak a dirty words, but i can't....first it's because i'm in fasting and second......it's phone call, i can't see his joker face....Ha ha

Well fasting, fasting, fasting.........hungry and thirsty is not a challenge for me, but anger.......uh it's a big big problem.

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