Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How to remove a black spot on your skin

Spent 8 months at Banda Aceh has remains so many freckle on my face, and sometimes it's make my face looks like dark shadowed.......hiiiii

I think Banda Aceh sun is so different with another part of Indonesia, it's so hot and nettled, leaves a big black spot in my face.

Now i have to remove it........hem, trust me, it's quite hard to do. I try a repair package, something like Blossom Brand, made by a dermatologist, it's a day and night cream, a whitening serum and a soap........until i empty the whole package, the black spot is still there HUHHHH!!!!

Next, i buy a Jelly Gamat, because i read in a forum that it's works to remove things like i buy these online, i try this product for about 1 month......well actually i don't know is it really works or not, because there's no significant result on my skin.

Then i try another dermatologist, she give me a similar things, a day and night cream, a blending lotion and a soap, i try this package in pain and suffer, because my skin getting red and caustic, when i contact my dermatologist, he said it's ok because this is the way it's working. After 2 weeks in suffer, i stop using this product, and how the result? Nonsense!!!! i only get a smarting skin and scaly like a snake. Fortunately it's getting normal again after i stop using the product, but my black spot???????'s getting darker WHOA!!!

Now i already bored with this things, so i let it's status quo, i don't care anymore about the black spot, now i use Olay total effects for daily use, and it's comfort for my skin.......

S if you ask me how to remove the black spot on your skin? trust me there's no other way to remove it........unless maybe laser hiiiiii it's horrible.

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