Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pronto restaurant

Yesterday, my office held a gathering called "BUKA BERSAMA", it's a break fasting event for whole employee.

And this occasion was held at PRONTO RESTO, an all you can eat Italian Restaurant, located at Pondok Indah Mall 3rd floor next to the food court or actually maybe it's at food court.

Unfortunately not all of employee deign to come, it's only about 70 or 80 people come around. But it's still merry, almost of my friend (mostly the girl, ooooh how weird) take a lot of food and eat it!!!

Lasagna, pasta, spaghetti, sausage, ribs, chicken wing, variation of salad, pudding, fruits, soup hemmmmmmmm a lot of food man.

i start with salad, but i can't chew it because of my brace, so i skip the salad and start my bologna and continue with 1 piece of chicken wing......and finish with lasagna. Whooa, usually i'm a picky eater, and i eat in a small size, but today is different, when i see my friend eat a lot i feel like i wanna do the same thing he he.

Actually if i had to choose where to eat, maybe i will not choose this one, because the ambience is not really cozy, the tables and the chairs look so cheap, and the food taste not really good. But just because of so many friends around and they all happy and eat a lot so all of the weakness is forgettable.


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Anonymous said...

browsing info ttg Pronto restaurant, nyasar kemari deh.. hehehe... I ate there too yesterday and it was great!