Monday, September 8, 2008

The rude mechanic at ITC Fatmawati

One day my car is broken, the transmission is stuck so my car can't rolling back. just because my car is next to ITC Fatmawati, auto car part center in south Jakarta so i decide to repair my car at that place. It's a place where so many shop sell car part and also install it.

i see the mechanic, a grim visage old guy. i tell him about my car.......then he check my car, he found that my car need replacement for clutch, ball bearing, transmission bar, engine mounting and so on.......whoa and it's need a lot of money, i think i wanna cry.

But i have to repair it, so i give him my car key and leaving for work. Next day i see him again, still with his grim visage......when i start to ask about my car he looks like more angrier, he drop his tool with a loud voice and look so annoyed.

Suddenly i feel uncomfortable to talk with him any longer so i decide to leave, when i ride my car i found that my car is getting better in clutch part but getting worst in another part, the other part which is in good condition before now it's damaged, huh i don't know what he's been doing.

I'll never repairing my car at ITC Fatmawati anymore, never ever ever!!!!

I also buy a car shampoo, Carerra brand, things which i usually buy about Rp 9.000,- in this place they sell it Rp 15.000,- What the fuck ........

Well.....i think i'll better go to Ace Hardware to buy a stuff like this.

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