Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My experience wearing an Orthodontic Brace

Years ago my mom was sent me to the dentist to set an orthodontic brace, yes i set it but then i feel so uncomfortable, so i release it by my self....then my teeth is getting worst.

So now i realize that i have to set it again, in my's a lot difficult, needs a longer time and more money....

I go to a dental clinic somewhere at Bendungan Hilir and i have to pay Rp 8.000.000,- for the brace, and Rp 125.000,- each control time every 2 weeks hiks hiks it's a lot money....and i have to do this for 2 years or more, OMG!!! Well nothing is cheap to be beauty yeah.

The dentist said, newest methods in orthodontic is first you don't have to yank out the teeth, only to push it to the direction you want.......after 6 months, the dentist will decide is it need to yank one or two of your tooth or not.....

First, my dentist cleaning out my teeth, then she put a liquid at my teeth surface, believe me the taste is really not good, i think it's some kind of glue to patch the brace on every single teeth. She put something like a ring at my molar, it's a main hook for all the brace, then she fasten a single little wire upon my molar, finally she put the rubber at every single brace.....DONE!

Uuuh first time i use the brace, it's really really uncomfortable, i feel a shooting pain, especially in the worst part of my teeth......when i start eating, i can't event chew it, so i didn't do it i just put the food in my mouth and swallow it he he, my eating time is getting faster now. And when i finish eating, the rest of the food hook at my brace, so i have to gargling or brush my teeth. It's really annoying when i have to eat with my friend in a restaurant.

Every 2 weeks my dentist changes the wire and the rubber.......hemmmm wellcome to Ugly Betty world.

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