Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pay your vehicle tax

Here in Indonesia there's an annual tax for your vehicle, and it's written on your vehicle license (STNK).

My car annual tax has to be renewed this month and change the owner name all at once (i bought this car as a second owner), i never do this by my self before, especially here in Jakarta. But since my brother is busy so i have to do it by my self.
I start searching where is the tax office or also referred as "Kantor bersama or SAMSAT" Jakarta Pusat.

From the internet i just know that SAMSAT for Center Jakarta is at Gunung Sahari, near Mangga Dua square. So that Saturday when i don't have to go to working, i drove to SAMSAT early in the morning since i know that for Saturday they only opened for half day.

The process is, i came to the front of a something like a cashier room, then i tell them that i'm gonna pay the tax and also change the owner name. They give a paper to scratch you car machine number and a white form to be filled by the officer.

I have to drive my car to the front of the officer, then he start scratching the number which placed in the front side of the machine, after that he fill out the form.

This session is finished, i move to the other side of the office and give the BPKB (Vehicle Owner Certificate) and STNK (Vehicle License Number) and the scratched paper to another locket, after this all i can do is wait, and the process is finish in hours.

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