Monday, September 15, 2008

Never use your handphone while it's charging

Yesterday, one of my technician was repairing some electrical problem in our client location, and it's 20 meters above the land ......then suddenly somebody call him, he spontaneously hang the phone....and then in a second bammmm! he glance off from 20 meters high with burned skin.......uh shit!!

It seems there's a high tension up there, and the phone call has activated it......uh what a pitty.....

The other worker made off him to the emergency........well i think he still lucky, he still alive, although with scald all over his body. my friends say he could be die .....

The chief technician said that, we always be careful with the electrical and handphone, never use your handphone while it's charging, otherwise the same things will happens to you WHOA!!

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