Sunday, September 7, 2008

Looking for a job

You know what it's need a month for me to find a new job in Jakarta since i come back from Banda Aceh......i searching from every source, Jobsdb, Jobstreet, Kompas daily paper and also information from friend.

I don't like to sitting in my home and nothing to do, so i try soooo very hard to find a job. Meanwhile i also teaching Bahasa Indonesia for expatriate....or helping somebody who want to build their house, i can estimating the cost, or make a project drawing.......or anything, anything that can make money...

Then finally after 1 month.......i get a job!!!

actually not a really good job, moreover if i am thinking my last job before this is in United Nation, which is one of a biggest organization in the world, of course i can't compare my current job with my latest one, considering the salary ... hem it's take 1 week for me to spend it all ha ha, but i know that it's not easy to find a job with good salary, with comfort environment....yeah so i just try to enjoy my new job while searching a better one.

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