Thursday, September 25, 2008

Car accident at Toll Cikampek

Actually it was happens almost 3 years ago............

I was mean to celebrate 2005 new years eve at Bandung with my friends, there were 4 persons, Me, my sister, My friend Dewi and Elly drove elly's boy friend car.

First, i drove the car.....but then at next to the toll gate, Elly insist to replace me, even though her driving skill is really really not good, she currently learning it. Considering the car is her boyfriend car so i let her do it. I move to sit in the back of passenger side, and my sister in the back of driver side.

We passed the toll gate and nothing happens, but after about 2 kilometers from Cikampek gate, suddenly a motorbike running towards in a high speed, Elly feel shocking
and swore to the left, to right, to the left again without press the brake pedal......until we jump in to a dell and still move forward until we crash on a house wall. BRAKKK!!! Now we STOPPED!!!, so this is the brake.......the wall is the brake HUH!

While it's happens i bow and cover my head behind the passenger site and hold that things when my car throw down forcefully, my body stay stable and safe.

But when we finally stop and look up, first view that i see is my sister huddle under the steer next to Elly the driver, i spontaneously scream and jump out of the car and pull her body, when i pull it, i see a fresh blood dripped from her head, i screamed as loud as i can, looking for help. In a second so many people come around and help us.

They sent my sister and Dewi who get a brake arm to the nearest hospital, my sister collapse but i still hear Dewi shrieking. I collect my stuf before i left to the hospital.

The nearest hospital is Efarina Etaham hospital, Elly and i take care of the hospital administration in the front area and answering the question from the police officer.

Then i came up to the emergency room where my sister get an emergency help. She has a long wound in the back side of her head, now hey have to suture it, the medical staff ask me how she get the wound, so i explain, they said is she suddenly puke or not, because if she suddenly puke it's mean she has a concussion of the brain. Fortunately she puke after a while, it's mean she puke because she get a headache.

My sister chops looks bulging, when i ask it to the doctor, she said she don't know why.....Ha?

Then i spent the night from one test to another test for my the middle of the bight, the doctor came to our room and congrats us a "Happy new year everyone!!!!" ......actually i really don't want to hear something like that this time, so i just look at to the doctor eyes and say nothing.

Next day, my family came from Bandung to pick up us.....we transfer my sister to the AMC hospital in Cileunyi Bandung. She get an immediate response from the doctor in Emergency room, she call the specialist to get an immediate analysis......about 10 minutes the specialist come, he open my sister head (which is already sutured by Efarina Etaham doctor before) because the contaminated thing in my sister head is still uncleaned up then he suture it again . And about the chop, he said that it's because the chop is crack, that's why it's bulging, to repair it, she has to wear a brace for 1 to 2 months.

Hem, now i see the different beetween AMC hospital and Efarina Etaham, and i wonder why i spent more money at 1 night Efarina Etaham compare to 7 days at AMC Hospital.

Now my sister already ok, but this accident still remains in my mind until now.

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