Sunday, October 5, 2008

The day of Mudik to Cirebon

MUDIK = going back to the hometown, mostly to celebrate Eid mubarak.

To celebrate this eid mubarak i mean to come to my Mom's cemetery, which placed at Cirebon.

Sunday 28th September 2008 8 PM, me, my sister, and 2 of my brothers start to go from my sister's house at East Jakarta. First we go to Jakarta - Cikampek toll, then we turn to the left to Pantura, i found that the traffic was normal, no stuck at many points. We take a rest at Cikampek, just because my brother feel tired already so i replace him to drive the car, so this is my first experience driving in Pantura way. Cikampek - Pamanukan Subang - Indramayu - then Cirebon. Yuhuuuu here we come Cirebon, it's takes 5 hours from Jakarta to Cirebon.

Along the trip i see somebody MUDIK by a BAJAJ!!! Bajaj = a three wheels vehicle with simple engine, usually used as communal transportation in Jakarta. Can you imagine it? and i see the Bajaj driver still wear his daily uniform, with towels in the neck and hat...he he. Another mudikers mostly using motorcycle, and the way they ride their bike is so miserable, harm another people and them self.

The first place to reach is my elder brother house at Perumnas Cirebon, we mean to take a rest here before we go to the cemetery which is take another 30 minutes more to the village.

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