Monday, October 6, 2008

All those lonely night

Have you ever feel like this......

When you have no light to guide you
and no one to walk beside you

Now i feel that feeling, and trust's really hurt
No friend
No boyfriend
No family
to talk.......

Yes i have a boyfriend, yes i have so many friends, yes i have a great family.....but why now it's looks like a pale shadow, I can't speak my mind, i can't tell all of my sadness, i can't tell all of my dream.....It's looks like i'm standing at the highest tower in world, and ready to jump.

God, I really miss somebody who really cares and protect, who really know who i am, who really understand what I want, but now they all disappear, and now i only surrounding by stranger, stranger who's called boyfriend, and friends.

My bed room is now a sanctuary of my tears
All that i have is only all those lonely night.........

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