Friday, October 10, 2008



Like any girls or maybe peoples all around the world......i do like gossiping too, but when i read this linked blog, i found three rows

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people.

It's really awakening me, deep in my mind i always convince my self that i'm a smart girl......if it's true this mean that i should have a great mind, and a great mind not discussing people, they discussing idea.

But why it's a lot easier to talking people instead of idea? the answer is because we didn't need a great mind which mean a smart brain to talking other people.

For example, when we still in the high school, we gossiping most popular girl in the school, about her new hair cut, her boyfriend, her fashion, or even her maiden name in her family.

Then we came in to employment world, we start talking our colleague, who is a beautiful secretary, we talking about how short her skirt, her body language when she talking with men, or even her sex life.

I know that we'll never stop talking about other people if we didn't try to stop it.......actually this post is really open my mind......if i want other people think that i'm as smart as i think, i should try to stop gossiping other people, and start talking about my ideas. Hemmmmmmmm

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