Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Busway is a mass transportation facility for Jakarta dweller, it's a bus with gas as a fuel, they have an independent track which can't use by another vehicle, also renown as Trans Jakarta. A bus rapid transit, it's modeled from TransMilenio which already succeed in Bogota, Colombia.

Busway came from Sutiyoso (former Jakarta's governor)idea, at the first release, Busway was served from Blok M (a main sub terminal in Jakarta) to Harmoni, the route called as corridor. Furthermore Busway also develop more corridor like Ragunan (Jakarta's zoo) to Halimun, and Kampung Melayu to Ancol, Kampung Rambutan to Kampung Melayu, Pulogadung to Harmoni.....and so on, i don't know another 2 corridors.

For this busway you only have to pay Rp 3.500 per corridor. I think it's worth because, for example you living in Kampung Melayu and your office is in Sudirman street, instead of driving your car with hard traffic everywhere, better you choose Busway where you can only sit in an air conditioned bus and in 30 minutes you'll come to your office. Although you have to transit from corridor Kampung Melayu to corridor Blok M - Harmoni.

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