Saturday, October 25, 2008


Free games and Softwares

Andy setiawan has a very useful blog where he share games and software for free...........uuh so fantastic........i've downloading a games from his blog too.

You know what kind of games that i really love, i love racing games, any kind of race game.

I love most of mini pc games too, like bubble, packman, mahyong, and any other simple game. I don't like a games with hazy lay out, dark.........i love a cheerful game.

From internet, i found that game history was started when Nintendo release their first portable LCD game “Games & Watch” and Gameboy known as mobile game console. In 1997, Nokia made a new type game which can be played in the celullar phone. First most popular game is Snake. In 1999, multi-player game in mobile devices released which based on WAP game based text messaging. In 2001, game has developed with color screen and Java downloaded games based. In 2003, Nokia introduce platform N-Gage and game online with that platform. Now mobile device has supported by 3D graphic, and great capacity memory.

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