Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Yesterday i watch a DVD titled 'Sisterhood of the traveling pants', it's a movie about friendship between 4 girls who their mom was have a prenatal therapy in a same place, and they were delivered on the almost a same time.

The story began when they found a pant in a vintage store, the weird thing is that pant is fit to the four girl even though they are not in a same size body. Then they decide to wear the pant for a week during their summer holiday and pass it to the other with a story when they wear it.

First turn is Lena, she go to the Greek to see her grand ma. While she wearing the pant she met a young and handsome Greek who was her Grand Father and that boy Grand father was be enemies.
Second turn is Carmen, she go to met her Dad, and what she found is such a shocking circumstance when she see her dad was almost marry a women with 2 teenage kids.
Then Tibby, Tibby stay in her own home during holiday because she need to collect some money to buy a video recording set. While she working in Wallmans she met Bailey a 12th years old who was fainting, Bailey has a leukeumia, she pass away afterwards.
Bridget, her mom was pass away a few years ago, in a summer camp she just realize that she really need her mom for something she couldn't talk to her dad.

I don't know why every time i watch a movie with a family value inside, i always cry loudly. I cry when Carmen angry to her Dad, i cry when Tibby and BAiley talking in the hospital, i cry when Bridget miss her mom, I cry when Lena standing alone in the beach.

Why i so sensitive? Maybe because actually i had their feeling too, i do missed my Mom, I do missed my best friend, i do loss my Dad.....Sigh

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