Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Talking about women

secret womens business

Women always love talking about women, do you?

I guess so......because a lot of thing can talk about us. We can talk about cosmetic, health, hobbies, dating, fashion. I'm so glad I was born as a girl, because so many beautiful things was made for us.

Let see, jewelery.......i think most of girl in the world love to wear a jewelery. from Cleopatra to Britney Spears....i think they love to wear them. And so do i, i love platinum jewelery or silver, especially with minimalist design. I love wearing pendant mostly. And then cosmetic, hemmmmmmm if i had a lot money, like 5 million rupiahs each month to spent for cosmetic, i would love to spend it all. Unfortunately it's wasn't.

Something i know about cosmetic is, we always burnt up to try something new, something which advertised on the magazine or television, most Asian girl love a white skin, that's why whitening cosmetic is really demanded here. But now i just realized that, white is not necessary anymore, but being healthy skin is more more important.

And fashion......wow it's looks like a never ending story on this. I was born in Bandung city (about 100 miles to Jakarta) which is famous with pretty girls who loves to wear a fashionable things and have a pretty look face. We had so many way to find out a cute fashion which on trends with affordable price, like hunting the discount, or imitate the branded fashion (Ups!!!)......

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