Friday, October 17, 2008

Property Valuation

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In Indonesia, we are not familiar with mortgage, especially in real estate and property field. But there's something we can talk about real estate and property, that is VALUATION.

Actually i was graduated from Architecture and now i'm currently working as a facility management for an international bank here in Jakarta, but one day a head hunter website sent me a job opportunity to be a valuation officer in a Malaysian Company.

Since i have no experience about valuation, so i start searching about these. And what i found is, a property valuer (someone who is doing valuation) is someone who give an appraisal for a property, Valuing real estate calls for precision and knowledge. Proper interpretation of available data, someone who had a formal training and qualifications before.

Suddenly i feel so interested with this profession, then i start searching about this profession. Then i know that in Indonesia there is an association for them, it's call MAPPI (Massyarakat Profesi Penilai Indonesia) and in North East Asia there AVA (Asean Valuer Association).

There also a formal education for them, it's a Master Degree at Indonesia University in cooperation with MAPPI.

Since i have a plan to move to Kuala Lumpur next year so i search a formal education about valuation in Malaysia, then i know that there's a Real Estate Master Degree which learn about Valuation and anything about property in University of Malaya.

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