Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anchor URL cannot be found

I mean to join in post exchange program at Smorty, a paid to review website

and when i fill in the post url this text :

Anchor URL cannot be found........

It's always shown when i try to post in post exchange at Smorty.......

I try and try and try........and never success, why???????

UUUh i'm so confusing, is there anyone can help me and tell me what it is? because in my opinion i follow the right way to exchange. But it's always happen hemmmmmm confuse!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was it for a site caller Unique Icon? I tried to post for that site and it wouldn't work. I sent an email to support and they acted like I was stupid and sent me this new link text, which was different that had been listed in the listing. Anyway, they think it's my fault, but I think something went screwy on their side. Hope you don't feel alone now :)

The Lousy Poet

Ivy Octa said...

Yes it is for unique icon site, lately i can counter this problem with this step, copy paste a code given by smorty to your post.....and it's work man!!