Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been submit my blog to smorty about 7 months ago, can you imagine that? i need 7 months to be approved he he.......but it's ok, no pain no gain, isn't it?

If you never heard about smorty, smorty is one of the company which connecting between advertiser and bloger. They pay through Paypal My suggestion is, make an unique category, it's to avoid duplicating content, it's to make easier for search engine to search your blog. Because smorty really appreciated your originality of your blog.

But if you already register but not getting a job yet (like me), maybe we can follow this tips :

- Please regularly login to your account, because the more often you login the bigger chance you get a task

- Make a minimum 150 word review

- Cek your paypal

Just like that, well good luck guys........

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