Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rumah Sosis

RUMAH = House
SOSIS = Sausage

Next day, me, my sister, my brothers and 3 of my nephew mean to go back to Jakarta, but before we leave, we go first to Rumah Sosis at Setiabudhi North Bandung.

when we arrive, we see soooooooo many people there, we can't get a parking lot, so we park at the street side and walk to the location.

Rumah sosis is an outdoor games area, mostly for kids age 3 - 13 years old. They provide ATV (a four wheel vehicle in a dusty track), flying fox, swimming pool, bicycling, tree house, fishing and horse riding. They also sell a special receipt sausage as a main selling point.

The ticket to get in is Rp 2.000,- to play any of the games there we have to pay in a variate rate, Flying fox for kids Rp 10.000, adult Rp 15.000,- combo Rp 20.000,- Horse riding Rp 10.000,- fishing Rp 10.000,- bicycling Rp 20.000,- swimming Rp 25.000,- Tree house Rp 10.000,- ATV Rp 25.000,-

I see my nephews so happy, they play a lot of game until i feel drop.

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